The One Where Patrick Wolf Goes To The Seaside

January 25th, 2011 by Dan

I am a big fan of that Patrick Wolf bloke and quite rightly loved his forthcoming single when I first heard it, while wondering what the video would be like. Would it be like the Scary Video We Don’t Mention? Would it be a bit arty farty? Would it be like them 80′s in the way that the song is, with its saxophone (I remember the days when you were nothing without a sax solo), positive lyrics and that bit that reminds me of that Annie Lennox song which is not actually from that era? Well:

They went to Southend* and had a lark. I made a postcardy montage and had a lovely time.

The video is exclusively on The Guardian site here. It’s very 1982 with its Cheap Having A Load Of Fun With Some Folks vibe and I do like it but was waiting for something a bit sinister to happen the whole time. I suppose it’s his Big Pop Moment and that’s a good thing as we need more popstars who aren’t either A) From that awful Simon Cowell machine or B) Airbrushed dazzle-toothed lipsynching middle aged fictional school kids with their watches permanently set on Jazz Hands O’ Clock, shitting out bad cover versions at an alarming rate. I have high hopes for the forthcoming album, mostly because of loving all of his previous other albums.

*or another seaside town. Anyone for Canvey Island?

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