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June 22nd, 2011 by Dan

What with going on holiday and a lot of albums coming out I have got a bit behind on obsessively cataloguing all my purchases so here’s a bumper batch:

15th June 2011:

Suede: Coming Up Deluxe +DVD (£9.93 incl P&P)
Suede Version 2.0′s first album was rather marvellous and it was the one that turned me into a big fan, along with the now unnecessary b-sides album Sci-Fi Lullabies (due to all these explanded editions). The extras on this are fantastic and I can’t recommmend it enough so here are some videos to recommend it instead:

Sophie Ellis-Bextor: Make A Scene (£8.93 incl P&P)
aka That Album We Never Thought Was Coming Out. I like it, obviously, and it’s a big of a greatest hits EP plus some new (to me) tracks. Pretty successful as an album to my ears.

20th June 2011
Gomez: Whatever’s On Your Mind (£7.69 incl P&P)
Good old reliable Gomez (in a positive way) have made another album and it’s a good Gomez album. That’s a result.

Patrick Wolf: Lupercalia/ Lemuralia (£14.99 + £3 P&P)
Probably my album of 2011. I love this and have been playing it to death but have not yet killed it completely. This is Mr Wolf’s romantic album and one with many songs that would work well for the gay wedding market. Marvellous songs, lots of interesting noises and it sounds great.

21st June 2011
The Feeling: Together We Were Made (2 disc version) (£12.55 incl P&P)
I wasn’t fussed about the single to be honest and bought it without hearing (wot no leak?) but it’s pretty solid. For some reason they also made a two disc version with more songs and only a few of those ones are b-sidey so it’s a thumbs up from me.

Suede: Head Music Deluxe +DVD (£9.93 incl P&P)
Hmmm… not the best Suede album but it has some nice moments on it. The b-sides are mostly pretty ropey this time. Boo hiss boo! Here are some ‘interesting’ video clips:

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