Outrun my gun / Secretly died

June 29th, 2011 by Dan

Suede: A New Morning Deluxe +DVD (£9.93 incl P&P)
The final Suede album and the most awkward. I can see what they were trying to do here after all the dramas of the previous one and I can see why they would want to make a different kind of sound but it just doesn’t work as well as it should. A lot of the songs are just not strong enough and even a more Suedey production would not change that. Still, it’s an interesting one and the re-issue package is as lovely as ever.

Foster The People: Torches (£6.99 incl P&P)
The name Paul Epworth pops up in this albums credits (Cee Lo Green, Plan B, etc) and so does Greg Kurstin (The Bird and the Bee, Sia) but it stands on its own as a pretty fantastic Summer pop disc. The music can speak for itself on this one:

Steve Nicks: In Your Dreams (£8.93 incl P&P)
My first Stevie Nicks purchase ever! This album kept on getting played when it leaked quite a whilke ago and there are some excellent tracks on here. It’s the most Steve Nicks-sounding project I’ve ever heard if that makes sense (meaning she focuses on her strangths) with a nice photo of Stevie with an owl on the disc. Lovely horse on the cover too.

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One Response to “Outrun my gun / Secretly died”

  1. cheryl Says:

    Foster the People went down well at glasto this weekend i hear. I’ve not really heard their stuff to be honest