All These Songs… in a Buffalo Bar

August 22nd, 2011 by Dan

We went on an excursion to London for the first Melting Ice Caps gig in a while and also happened to catch some other bands due to it being one of those multi-artist events. This one was for the Frank Sidebottom Statue fund, at the Buffalo Bar, and it started with a free CD from Armadillo Recordings, a bottle of refreshing lager beer and then Dream Themes (Frank’s old London band) performing their versions of popular TV themes from mostly the past. As well as the music they also gave us a copy of Dream Zine which made little sense in the nicest way possible and I’ll never be able to hear the themes from Brookside, Bergerac and Cagney & Lacey without having a flashback.
Dream Themes performing somewhere that was not where we went:

Dream Themes, photographed by Chezza like all the photos.

One of the highlights from Dream Zine

The Melting Ice Caps have had another slight line-up change and are now in a three male and two female format like a reverse Steps. Terrible comparison of course as they can play instruments and do the music things very well.

The two Davids and a portion of the Samantha. Hidden: Steve and Aurore.

David Shah: Voice and hand movements.
Samantha Ashleigh Hayhurst: Keyboards and that (lovely solo work link here).
David Barnett: Bass (ex of Luxembourg and writer of that book about Suede I’ve got, interview here).
Steve Brummell: Drums (another Luxembourg player).
Aurore Sommer: Guitar (New member who also played on Between Eros and Agape a while back).

As a music geek I realised that there were four members of ex-band Luxembourg in the room as we spotted Alex Potterill aka Jonny Cola (link for his current band, oh yes) in the audience. He’s worked with David on some of the earlier songs so I would perhaps call them a music-based Justice League, calling on the people with the most suitable powers to fight crime but this is where my analogy fails. Anyway, they have happily reached the stage where not all the good songs get played in a set of this size which is encouraging. So no October, no My Wrong Turn and no Night School. They can all be heard on their website though so everybody wins! Two new songs made their debut and in an interesting contrast to their first full band gig last year where it was the opening number they have moved Selfish Bachelor to the finale and it works well as a kind of epic closing theme tune piece.

Here are a couple of their songs: Mise En Scene:

Pavolvian Boy:

After the Ice Caps had finished we moved from our position right at the very front as my knees were getting all gippy like they do and I wanted to move about a bit more. The next act was Mr Solo who we could hear but only see the top of his bouffant wig from the back of the venue. I enjoyed him enough to buy the album when I got home: comfortable earphone listening was required for this one without the distraction of my old git mind getting baffled by young folks with what I assumed were ironic moustaches and ‘funny clothes.’ We escaped before the final act arrived (Proxy Music) because of the tube + early start next day factors but I’m sure they were very good.
Mr Solo: Home Sick Home video:

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