(More Like Sushi) Your Crocodile Shoes and Your Fur Coat…

October 27th, 2011 by Dan

It’s time for another one of the very occasional series where I imagine a deluxe double disc version of an album I like  very much and then sneakily imagine make the second disc for the blogworld…

Neneh Cherry’s Raw Like Sushi was one of my important albums as it came out when I was 16 and at a time when UK dance music was rather exciting (and popular). I bought all the singles and the remix 12″s, even putting them  into gatefold plastic covers. Well I was a geek and still am. There’s a lot of talent on this album including the obvious Neneh Cherry herself who had already appeared on record by Rip Rig & Panic, The The and The Slits. She had also guested on the b-side of a non-hit single by Morgan McVey called Looking Good Diving which is a good point for the deluxe disc 2 to start as most of her breakthrough hit Buffalo Stance comes from versions of that song. She turns up in Looking Good Diving’s video along with Andrea Oliver who would reappear in the Manchild video and go onto be the Andi in the cookery show Neneh and Andi Dish It Up. The McVey in Morgan McVey is Cameron McVey who co-produced and co-wrote this album as Booga Bear and is ‘Mr Cherry’, a current member of CirKus and the father of emerging talent Marlon Roudette (who appears in the Rise of Neneh CherryVHS tie-in as the rapping boy). Other names from  the credits include Tim ‘Bomb the Bass’ Simenon, producer Nellee Hooper (known mostly at the time for Soul II Soul), and various members of what would become Massive Attack aka The Wild Bunch. Unlike her later albums there was only one genuine new b-side song from Raw Like Sushi (Buffalo Blues) but a whole lot of remixes, some only available on promo vinyl, so it’s a remix-heavy mix…

Download More Like Sushi here.

01 Looking Good Diving (Maxi Version) by Morgan McVey
The 12″ version of Looking Good Diving. This one does not feature Neneh but is included because elements of the song were used in Buffalo Stance. It’s very more-ish.
02 Looking Good Diving (With The Wild Bunch) by Morgan McVey feat Neneh Cherry
The b-side of the 7″ single, feauturing some familiar rap verses with their original lyrics.
03 Buffalo Stance (Arthur Baker’s 1/2 Way 2 House Remix)
This was on the remix 12″ and it always makes me feel Christmassy, probably due to its December release and jingley bits.
04 Buffalo Stance (Kevin Saunderson’s Techno Stance Remix 1)
So many Buffalo Stance remixes! There’s another mix on the original CD of tha album as a bonus track.
05 Buffalo Stance Give Me A Muthuf***ing Break Beat (Dynamik Duo’s Sukka Mix)
This one is a remix of a remix, with a lot of scratching of the actual Buffalo Stance record plus a new rap verse.
06 Manchild (Massive Attack Remix)
The Wild Bunch were now Massive Attack and recorded some of their first album in Neneh’s home studio.
07 Manchild (Smith and Mighty Remix)
Smith & Mighty were the other big Bristol Sound artists of the time and their early singles are rather special.
08 Kisses On The Wind (David Morales A Little More Puerto Rican mix)
American remix! By the third single Neneh was a Proper Popstar.
09 Kisses On The Wind (Lovers Hip-Hop Extended Version)
This remix comes from the fourth single: Inna City Mama EP.
10 Buffalo Blues
Non-album b-side, from Kisses on the Wind single.
11 Inna City Mamma (Completely Re-recorded Version)
Like what the title says!
12 I’ve Got You Under My Skin (Extended)
Non-album single for the Red Hot & Blue HIV and AIDS charity album.
13 I’ve Got You Under My Skin (Blacksmith Brixton Bass Mix)
I had so many Blacksmith remixes back in the old days!
14 I’ve Got You Under My Skin (David Z Remix)
American remix again! David Z worked on a lot of the classic era Prince records.

There are surely some lost gems in the vaults that could be used on a real deluxe edition of Raw Like Sushi. Maybe one day…

Looking Good Diving:

Buffalo Stance


Kisses on the Wind

Buffalo Blues / The Next Generation (TV performance)

Inna City Mamma

I’ve Got You Under My Skin

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One Response to “(More Like Sushi) Your Crocodile Shoes and Your Fur Coat…”

  1. Pete Says:

    This has got me so nostalgic! I didnt know there was such a thing as a Remix 12″ or “white label” until Neneh Cherry came along and I got into hunting them down from 2nd hand record shops. Buffalo Blues could’ve been a huge hit if released 4 or 5 years later, I think she was way ahead of the game.

    May have to dig out my Blacksmith and S&M CD singles now :)

    Hey you may be the only other person on this earth who might be interested to know I own a white label of the Buffalo Stance Sukka Mix II with an instrumental version of Sukka Mix II on the b-side, I dont think that was released officially anywhere. Amazing!