Record shopping in the High Street / Like A Blast From The Past

March 28th, 2012 by Dan

This week’s real life photographs with new music video product is about the day I met up with my school friend Simon and we ‘explored’ Brentwood High Street like we used to back in the late 80s and early 90s. Needless to say this made me feel old.

This coffee shop used to be part of the old shopping arcade. Freaky.

On the other side of the table: my lovely husband!

The new video for new Bright Light Bright Light single is here and Rod has got his 90′s groove on (what do I mean? I have almost no idea)! It’s out soon as an EP and the long (verrrry long) awaited album is out on 4th of June. This single has seemlesly blended into my listening of way too much early 90′s pop dance this week and I’m imagining it with added Morales & Knuckles bass lines and plinky plonky house piano. Love the blend of old but retro sounds with a bright fun video. That video has been analysed, maybe a bit too hard,  by Paul Fizzypop. My friend Vinny Vero has done a remix of this but I’ve been allergic to those night clubs since the last century so not heard it. Talking of him (handy), he posted the following video on Facebook and made me realise that I didn’t know how much I loved Sneaky Sound System:

Yes it’s the 90′s (once again) but with added CG treadmills for the once popular ‘treadmill dance’. I bought their latest album on the strength of this.

We used to spend ages in all the record shops. Now the only places to buy records are charity shops .

If you need a new song to fall in love with then may I suggest Ren Harvieu’s new one?

Mmmmmm… The marvellous Middle Eight blog covers this, of course. I heard the song via that site’s owner who knows a thing or two about tunes.

'Rescued' from the loft of my brother's house. How did they get missed before?

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