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April 20th, 2012 by Dan

I’ve become a bit hermitty recently so blogging about making exciting pasta bakes or filing enormous amounts of post-Warners Prince songs onto discs is not really exciting material. I do have a lot of ‘pop videos’ to share though, with waffle of course…

Sam Sparro is almost back! His second album is out in June and this song is a rather excellent funky pop number. I detect a hint of an early 90s dance pop influence in there along with the straightforward catchy song writing which certainly appeals to these old ears.

Ronika’s excellent Automatic single is out now and is another hit (my vote anyway) from her. I knew it contained a Rodgers/Edwards sample but when I heard the Odyssey track Together (1982) that she used i was surprised to see/hear how much came from there. Anyway, it’s very now with its old sound, if that makes sense. You can buy it from her site.

In the running for my Tunes Of 2012 shortlist is the new colaborative threeway between Mark Foster (of The People), Kimbra (whose album really needs a proper UK release) and A-Trak (who I had not heard of until now but seems popular with the young folks). Energetic, catchy and synthy so how can anyone not love it? It’s got the kind of video you’d expect from something that Foster is involved in, i.e. rather exciting stuff and can be downloaded for absolutely nothing if you like that sort of thing.

Garbage are back!

I like the song and I also like the video but I don’t think they do together all that well. The album is out mid-May and the obligatory deluxe edition with four extra songs has been pre-ordered.
Who else is back? Well…

Rufus Wainwright’s new ‘pop’ album (it’s not cheesy throwaway nonsense though, of course) is out next week, which is nice. The Obligatory Deluxe Edition comes with a DVD with, er, some things on it.
Like Kimbra, Uh Huh Her are on my UK CD Release Please list. They have another single from their second album which is all rather lovely:

I love a good romantic sci-fi radio rock and horses moment so of course I adore that video. It’s good when videos make an effort, like this new Keane one:

Great visuals and I love the illustrated title sequence at the end. I hate it when Keane get lumped in with Coldplay Patrol in the Uncool Bands range. Who wants to be cool, anyway? You can buy their forthcoming album in an Obligatory Deluxe Edition with extra tracks or Super Duper Deluxe Edition hardback A4 size coffee table book, CD with extra tracks and DVD with stuff on it. I’m so extravagant. Their other video is less filmy but also rather good:

Here’s one that Husband Jamie got me into:

Bearcraft is/are (man or band? I should check) getting more electropop which is great for me. This song starts off like a quiz show noise, is addictive and available from the official site for zero pence. Go on.
And finally, just for fun:

This occasionally suffers from mashup key clash syndrome but it’s the pop music equivalent of a very cakey cake. Like the Bearcraft, it can also be downloaded if you click the link.

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