Round and round it goes inside my head / They say that they’re in love with synthesizers

June 26th, 2012 by Dan

Maybe they’ll open with an album track / Or a top five hit no turning back

Like A Motorway only reached number 47 in the UK singles chart but it was a great choice to open the show with. The rescheduled Saint Etienne at the London Palladium last night was as magnificent as I’d hoped for. Sarah Cracknell in a shiny silver dress with black boots and a feather boa, Bob and Pete doing twiddly things with knobs and Debsey being excellent on the right hand side of the stage with her dancing, backing vocals, ooohs and occasional hitting a wooden thing with a stick. So many moments of joy from the band who I’ve followed since their debut single (I had the regular version of Only Love Can Break Your Heart but my friend Simon had the Weatherall remix 12″) through multiple editions of albums. My tapes are in a drawer somewhere but my b-sides tape with hand-picked film and TV extracts between the songs is long gone. If I had to choose one moment it would be Sarah singing Only Love Can Break Your Heart as I had never seen her do that before and it also featured Debsey playing the strange mouth organ with keys instrument that made the wah waaaah waaaah noise, but the quality of the whole show was astonishing, even down to the little films accompanying the music on the screens with their kaleidoscope moments of vintage footage, Cliff Richard and cassettes montage sequence and even a compilation of Top of the Pops chart run-downs with a certain not-quite-real version that I’ve been a fan of for a while…

Tonight when the lights are going down / I will surrender to the sound

From memory, they did the following classic songs:
Like A Motorway
Who Do You Think You Are
A Good Thing
Nothing Can Stop Us
You’re In A Bad Way
Burnt Out Car
Mario’s Cafe

Songs from  the new album:
When I Was Seventeen
Haunted Jukebox

The inevitable big pop tunes encore, with big balloons:
I’ve Got Your Music
He’s On The Phone

My friend Rod was down the front and took that great photo. He’s on Twitter and well worth a follow.

Adventures in merchandise led to this stash:

Yes that really is a tea towel


I was not off to see that bloody wizard


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  1. SIMON Says:

    Hey Dan
    Still have both 12″ of Only Love Can Break Your Heart. You must pop over for cake and tea and I’ll pop them on the spinny thing! I want the Mug and Tea towel too! well jel!

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