November Music Month: Dance with me pretty boy tonight

November 18th, 2012 by Dan

The Pipettes: Pull Shapes (2006)

I have no defining memories relating to this song but once heard (and seen) it is never forgotten. Total pop joy and it turned up again in one of my favourite comics of recent years. Yes, Phonogram was great and the Pull Shapes issue of volume 2 is available in the trade paperback (Amazon link) if you like that sort of thing. You really should like that sort of thing.

The Pipettes returned for album number two after a bit of a regeneration into a more 80′s influenced band and are now in limbo. Shame. Both albums are very good and you could even push the boat out by listening to them while reading the Phonogram books. Eagle-eyed sorts might notice that my blog logo at the time of posting is another Gillen / McKelvie comic book panel, as it seemed appropriate to my ‘manifesto’ (I do not have a manifesto).


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