November Music Month: Ooh-Ooh…. Oo/Oo/Ooh-Ooooohhh

November 27th, 2012 by Dan

Remember when dance music went pop and got in the charts and the popular tunes kept being revealed as vocal frauds? Well I say “revealed” but it was usually not that secret due to failed lip synching exams. Anyway : Black Box! After annoying Loleatta Holloway by nicking her acapella of Love Sensation, chopping it up over some plinky plonky house music and giving it a grammar error for a title they hired Martha Wash to do a bit of singing which ended up going into their own black box to help make a full album. Here’s an example:

Hmmm… I won’t slag off the hit singles (apart from their awful cover of Fantasy) as I loved them at the time, bought them all and eventually threw them away in a house move and then bought them again on CD because I’m like that… and they’re damn fine pop dance. I always wanted Martha Wash to perform them live as it would be interesting to see how she coped with the stuttering cut & paste aspects and thanks to YouTube I found an example of the very same song as I posted above:

That was fun, wasn’t it?
We never talk about the re-recorded Ride On Time with Heather Small vocals, though. Oh no.
Bonus news footage! Poor Martha:

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