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January 22nd, 2013 by Dan

New year and new format (for now): New exciting music plus new photographs of life.

We went to Kew over the holiday period and it was definitely worth the trip into Almost Suburbia. I’m not a big fan of plants but in a similar way to the old-fashioned Epping-Ongar train trip last year I found enough shapes and colours to keep me interested. The hothouse was most welcome in the bitter cold, not actually that hot inside but warm  enough to remove the woolly hat. You can find out actual facts if you look at the Kew website.

David Bowie: Where Are We Now?

Dame David Bowie returned! The internet went a bit mad and it turned out that everyone was a massive Bowie fan. A band I had not heard of before (Velvet Stream) did an excellent cover of his new song and everyone was oh so happy about everything.

MKS: Boys

MKS aka The Real Sugababes were busy in the studio in 2012 and put an acapella clip up on YouTube recently. It was good. I lost track of who the current Sugababes are about three regenerations ago, to be honest, but I’m a big fan of Siobhan’s albums so looking forward to hearing some great modern pop.

Suede: Barriers

January was Returns Month. Brett and co turned up with a new song that is not a single and an album coming soon. Barriers is rather nice and follows on from Mr Anderson’s last solo album which was a definite return to form. Hopefully the album will have some absurd rhyming couplets and a few AaaAAAh-a-hHooooahhhs.

Autoheart: Lent

Autoheart will be releasing their long-awaited album this year (honest. I think I said that this time last year) and Lent is an actual proper single except for not being on a shiny disc, quite soon. It will even have a remix by bright Light Bright Light.

Woman E: You Stole That Summer (Bright Light Bright Light remix)

Talking of Bright Light Bright Light, this is fun!

Tegan & Sara: Closer

I was never a big Tegan & Sara fan but their forthcoming album has been sprinkled with Greg Kurstin’s pop magic and what I’ve heard so far is a bunch of strong pop songs with sturdy writing plus hooks and tunes and that. Another one on pre-order.

Ghost Carriage Phantoms: Videotape

I heard about this band from the details of a gig we’re going to next week in Fancy London. I’m  glad they sound interesting : indie rock but with added bells and whistles plus this song goes a bit Cloudbusting at the end.

A couple more views from Kew:

Sadly no Krynoids.

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