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May 11th, 2013 by Dan

Our latest road trip included a visit to The Village where I wanted to run around shouting and being a bit grumpy (not much of a change from my usual mode really) but managed to remain calm and take hundreds of photos instead. Here are a few of the best ones, followed by a soundtrack of some of the accompanying trip music…

The Village (aka Portmeirion) as seen from up in the woods where we managed to escape to / hopped off the little train tour. So much lovely architecture!

Welcome to your village. The sun was out for the beginning of our exploration but the wind was rather fierce at times.  I took dozens of photos of arches.

The village green, with its beautiful gardens. So much nicer than that messy area behind our house.

The green as seen from up near the dome.

Shops and cafes, formerly used as exteriors for various homes in The Prisoner.

Jamie and one of the many arches. This one is up near the shops.

On the beach, where Rover was nowhere to be seen. Bloody windy though!

Back up to the main village after beachy fun times.

Be seeing you.

Soundtrack time! Here are some of the new tunes making me do the approving nod:
David Bowie: The Next Day. The album is still on rotation in my ears and this new video has just been released. Suitably weird, pretentious and exciting:

Ronika: Rough n Soothe. The latest single, another smash:

Florrie: Live A Little. Florrie has never put a foot wrong, hopefully there will be a full album sometime soon:

Fitz and the Tantrums: More than Just A Dream. The title track from their second album which introduces some new styles but the band still rock:

The Cliks: Savanna. Another returning top band, album duly purchased once again:

Slow Knights: Shame and Sweet Harmony. The Del Marquis / Bright Light Bright Light and pals supergroup have made my favourite album of the year so far:

Little Boots: Motorway. The second album Nocturnes is here! Loving this:

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