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June 11th, 2013 by Dan

Music please:

Autoheart: Agoraphobia
The Autoheart album is almost with us so it’s time for another single! I have loved this song for a while now and enjoyed the video. Who doesn’t love a sad rabbit person? Great band who have released consistently excellent material: just poppy enough but with enough emotional depth to really grab me.

Charlotte Church: Glitterbombed.
Charlotte is a disembodied blue head going on about having glitter in her wounds. Scary stuff! This is from her new second EP from the current incarnation of The Church, called Two. Both this and EP One are rather special, interesting and challenging in a way that I appreciate. I’d love a full album of this sort of thing please.

B.E.F featuring Kim Wilde: Every Time I See You I Go Wild
B.E.F are back back back! It’s been a long time since their Volume Two so now it’s time for a third instalment of Music of Quality and Distinction. This one is more your dark throbbing electropop and stars Kim Wilde on the stand-out track, along with Sandie Shaw, Glenn Gregory, Green Gartside and some other people who do not have alliterative names. It’s great.

Betty Who: You’re In Love
No relation to the Doctor, another top pop track from that free EP that sane people would have paid good money for.

Dan Black feat. Kelis: Hearts
I like Dan Black, I like Kelis. I bloody love their collaboration as it has the best elements of both artists, a good beat and a video that I can’t stop watching.

Frankmusik: Map
So glad that Frankmusik‘s new album makes me all excited like his first one did! Poppy speedy uptempo sounds with sensitive man lyrics and some interesting little gimmicks make me pleased. The album ‘Between’ is out now for downloaders and I’m holding out for a CD option as I’m old-fashioned like that.

Alice Smith: Shot
Jamie played some of Alice Smith’s music in the car and now I own both of her albums. This song is my favourite from the new album ‘She’ and it reminds me a little bit of Titiyo, which is nice. If you crave proper R&B and not that autotune stripper music that’s popular now then Alice Smith is for you.

Bright Light Bright Light: Moves
The final song from the remarkable album and it comes with a couple of b-sides (is that even a real thing these days?) that easily equal the quality of the album. This video is a little bit saucy. Nice.

French Horn Rebellion: Dancing Out (feat. Jody Watley & Young Empires)
I know nothing about this artist except for it featuring Dame Jody Watley of Shalamar and I’ve listened to it 11 times in the last two weeks because it’s an addictive bit of funky dance pop music.

Mark Owen: Stars
It may be uncool to like Mark Owen but I’ve never been cool and this is a top tune. Bonus points for wandering around in a spacesuit FOR THE ART OF IT.

Alison Moyet: Love Reign Supreme
Alf is back! Yes I know she has never really been away (check out previous albums The Turn and Hometime if you like to be amazed) but this is one of my favourites on the new rather essential album ‘the minutes.’ Quite excited about seeing her live in October.

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