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Dada: A-ha!

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

Time for some comics catch-ups I think…

Doom Patrol peaked with the Grant Morrison written (and mostly re-created) ‘mature readers’ version in the 90s and various incarnations have come and gone since then. The current run is back in the regular DC Comics world and has shown promise as it has combined some of the best elements from all previous versions dating back to the mid 60s, with another old favourite making a return:

The geeks will love this and I’m hoping this book becomes as great as it should be.

So that’s another run of Manhunter over with again:

The final part of the Manhunter back-up story in whatever Batman comic that was has ended but it will be out in a collected edition soon. Snap up the four existing books in the range if you like your spunky leading ladies and quirky casts.

The Angel comic is still mostly the unpopular ugly brother of the Buffy comic (which has been wildly inconsistent in  the last year itself) but the current storylines by Bill ‘Fables’ Willingham have been far less messy than usual:

Dirty telepathic fishie and new floaty thing character that I cannot remember much about!

Marvel have been producing some good comics in the last month, including the long-awaited return of The Young Avengers (in Avengers: The Childrens’ Crusade) by their creators:

There are also superhero fights and that sort of thing, it’s not just scenes of teenage homosexual super-powered romance although that is rather sweet and lovely. Other teenage Avengers are available in the newest Avengers title to launch (that’s alongside Avengers, New Avengers, Secret Avengers and The Childrens’ Crusade): Avengers Academy!

It’s like the 80s again with all these Avenger teams! Rumours abound of another more cosmic team on the way… hopefully not with ruddy foil covers or holographic bullshit. Never again please, comic big cheeses.

Mutant time: Dazzler had a one-shot recently involving her dead-but-now-not-so-dead sister, among other things:

Someone reminded Warren Ellis that he has an unfinished arc of Astonishing X-Men to be getting on with and it was surprisingly good:

X-Factor continued to be probably the most consistently good mutant title:

Severl shits hit numerous fans in a big old crossover and big characters died, limbs were lost, things were changed forever, all that jazz… and then the titles slowed the pace right down to explore their characters, which was a nice bloody change:

No mutant baseball matches were played. Phew.

I’m sure we all have days like that sometimes.

Comics News. Then more comics news.

Saturday, February 14th, 2009

Neil Gaiman’s Batman has arrived! The man Gaiman has been busy with films and shit (lots of Twittering about the Coraline premiere) but he’s done a nice job here:
Also out and about is more of that Buffy stuff. Some more of the old TV writers have been turning up recently but the Harmony issue was quite crappy last month.

Meanwhile, in time and space…
Whispering Gallery
From the publicity: In The Whispering Gallery, the TARDIS lands in a maze-like gallery filled with thousands of talking pictures, and the Doctor and Martha discover they’ve come across a planet where showing emotion has been outlawed. The inhabitants have good reason for their supression, but it wouldn’t be like the Doctor to leave them in fear of truly living.

IDW are getting good at the old Who comics, and Tony Lee (who did the recent miniseries) should be back soon. His Twitterings are fun too, and not just when at a Doctor Who convention that involves a special game of Just A Minute and saying how lovely Nicola Bryant is.

Talking of the Who creators, Paul Cornell is writing a Dark Reign: Young Avengers mini series for Marvel! He’s already doing one of their best titles (Captain Britain and MI:13), proving Marvel are no dunces.

Also making me “oooh”: Manhunter may be dead but the cast have got new jobs: In Streets of Gotham, you’re going to get a chance to see the supporting cast of Batman’s world, meaning that you’re going to see Batgirl and Huntress and also the new DA of Gotham City, Miss Kate Spencer.


“The fun part about Escape for me is that you’re going to see a lot of familiar faces in some very unfamiliar situations, and the primary leads of Escape are Nemesis and Cameron Chase, and you’re finding out that they are being held against their will by the Global Peace Agency as they last appeared in Final Crisis.”


Talking of Manhunter…

The Shield’s Michael Chiklis and writer Anny Beck have teamed up to bring “Olympus” to IDW Publishing later this year. The new series is set for 6 or 7 issues with Marc Andreyko writing and an as yet unnamed artistic team, to be edited by IDW Special Projects editor Scott Dunbier. “Olympus” is a classic battle between father and son. In a world similar to ours, in the not too distant future, the human race is struggling and looking for answers to all the problems that plague them. The world finds their answer when the Greek god Cronus returns. The once failing world’s fortunes change with Cronus guiding their way to a life of prosperity and relative peace. However, that turn of events is not long-lived as Cronus grows mad with power and the world suffers as a consequence. It’s at this point that his son Zeus returns, to challenge his Father and save the world from his growing evil.


And in a alt-maneouvre of the above method:

Writer Brian Michael Bendis has confirmed that the Powers television series is in active development as a pilot for FX. Bendis had teased in September that the adaptation might be bound for the cable network, home to such dramas as The Shield, Rescue Me and Damages.
“I just handed in a draft to the network and we’re getting our notes from the network as soon as this thing is over,” Bendis told MTV’s Splash Page today. “So next week I’ll get the notes, and as long as they don’t involve sock puppets and some sort of orgy scene that I’m not interested in, then hopefully it will go in the right direction.”

There’s a lot of to-ing and fro-ing between the comics and the teevee this year.

Not off the telly:
Terry Moore’s run on Runaways is almost over. Shame, but there’s still Echo to buy. And you should.

Keith Giffen is doing Doom Patrol! “I’m a freak. You are a freak. OK, then why don’t you go live in a cave? If I thought I was a freak I wouldn’t put on a costume and go fight crime. There has got to be a rationale to that. It’s like the leap between superpowers and wearing spandex. I can’t cover it in my head. I’d probably do the Spider-Man thing and get my uncle killed. But he was wearing spandex. It’s trying to connect a couple of dots there from you think you are a freak and you are reclusive by nature. And because you are in Doom Patrol, you’re not necessarily going to all the superhero mixers. So why are you doing this at all?”

Next: Will Whedon’s (no not Wil Wheaton) Dollhouse be any good? Word on the street is that episode 1 is a bit “meh” but 2 is better. We shall see, I hope for the best… even with the Fox connection.

X marks the spot

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

No Daily Mail today. Bored of their pathetic attempts at outrage over Teh Gays and foreign-looking types. Instead: a round-up of recent comics what I have read:

Warren Ellis continues his Astonishing X-Men tale, with pretty pretty pictures, weird panels and Warren Ellis-y dialogue. The plot’s not bad too, it’s like the X-Men have been plonked in the middle of an issue of Planetary. Now there’s an unfinished comic I had almost fogotten about.

The other great Mutant (ish) book at Marvel is of course Paul Cornell’s consistently great Captain Britain & MI:13 aka Pete and Dane and Faiza and Blade and Lady Jac. The first story is out in a collected edition and it’s marvellous fun British superhero-ey stuff.


Oh no. The Very Bad Thing that we must not spoil happened in the other other great mutant comic aka X-Factor. No, not the shitty TV talent show but they have enough sob stories to keep the unimaginative people who like that sort of thing all tingly inside.

X Infernus
Oh yeah, Illyana is back from the dead (ish) again. With horns. Sort of. It’s X-Infernus, innit?

Mighty Avengers
Not a mutant book, Mighty Avengers refocuses to bring you a new post-Secret Invasion team made up of very Avengers-y characters. Hank’s now The Wasp and Jocasta is back, with that whole Her Personality Is Based On His Dead Wife’s Brain Patterns thing being the new elephant in the room.

Special mention to Manhunter with its final issue:
I had to get some gays into this post somehow after all :-)

Super lawyers, vampire slayers, Swedish postars and gobshites.

Friday, June 6th, 2008

It’s Great Comics Week, what with the new issue Of Buffy Season Eight (issue 15) and the long-awaited return of my other favourite strong woman character…
Manhunter 31
Manhunter is back! Kate does more than just phonecalls in the first part of a new story (issue 31)… but I am not spoilering anything. Unlike with Buffy where something bad happened last month…
Buffy 15
…awww shit.

Some crazy fun things happen this time, especially with Dawn still being giant-sized, and the romantic complications of recent times are kind of resolved…
Buffy 15
Oh those crazy magical lesbians.

Rocksellout has an mp3 of that Kleerup & Neneh Cherry collaboration that I have been liking very much this week, although the album it comes from is as imaginative as perxide blondes dying their skin orange with fake tan.

As I am not blogging about Big Brother this year I have decided to blog about bloggers blogging about Big Brother instead. So here are some snippets of Thom from A Boy Like Thom doing a live blog during the first episode:

“He looks like Sly Stallone. She looks horrendous. They appear to be a couple. Oh god he’s wearing a t shirt that says ‘The Man’ pointing upwards and ‘The Legend’ pointing downwards…

If there’s any fanny in there he is going to nail it. Not my words. He thinks he’s absolutely gorgeous, but I’d like to disagree. He is however, a gigantic nob…

She’s got a good sob story though, something about a Civil War and having to come to the UK. Well I’m sorry love but this ain’t The X Factor. Sob stories won’t get you anywhere in this game. Her skirt is so short I swear I just saw a bit of fanny. Perhaps Dale could nail it…

She’s always having to do things. She’s got a baby, commitments. Life is hard. Thank goodness that Big Brother has come along to relieve her of these burdens. Who cares about the baby, go and sunbath on telly love. You’ve earned it. Oh and she’s got opinions. Ridiculous, moronic, awful opinions… “

So now you don’t need to moan about not wanting to see me blog about not watching it. Sorted! More Bloggers Blogging About Big Brother That I Am Not Actually Watching may feature here soon. Or not. Who cares? You decide. Or not. I have more episodes of season 19 Doctor Who from 1982 to watch. I love plastic snakes.