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2011 Non-Poll Winners’ Non-Party

Friday, December 30th, 2011

End of year and end of blog for a while: It’s time for the annual Music That I Did Like Best blog of lists and that…

Songs of 2011:
Fingersnap: I Wanna Rise: A ruddy big soul anthem from the year’s most played EP (even before it was released, via their Soundcloud page).
CockNBullKid: Distractions: Marvellous album with so many top tunes. This was like a magical All Saints pop song.
Patrick Wolf: Together: Single from the excellent mostly-happy-love album. Patrick’s popstar moment.
Autoheart: Control: Debut free single from The Band Formerly Known As the Gadsdens. Beautiful and intricate.
Stevie Nicks: Secret Love: The largest gestation period ever with a song demoed in the 1970s. Bewitching.
The Melting Ice Caps: Strike in the Dark: The band that keeps on growing released an excellent EP and this is the lead track.
Brett Anderson: Unsung: Mega return to form when Brett came back with a rock band.
Bright Light Bright Light: Disco Moment: The launch night gig was a top memory. Glittery greatness.
Kimbra: Cameo Lover: Classic pop from an artist who hasn’t really launched in the UK yet.
Monsta: Holdin’ On: Bryn Christopher returned with that voice in a band whose Soundcloud has some big songs on it.
Florrie: Experimenting With Rugs: Another one of the top EP artists of the year. Pop gold.
The Original 7Ven: Strawberry Lake: The Time came back and continued where they had left off. Funky.
The Pipettes: Boo Shuffle: New non-album energetic single that sounded like the old days.
James Vincent McMorrow: We Don’t Eat: Lovely album, great for the quiet moments.
Emeli Sande: Heaven: When not with shouty rappers Emeli did good things in my ears.
Foster The People: Call It What You Want: This song ended up everywhere in the end.
Lana Del Rey: Blue Jeans: ‘Internet Sensation’ whose songs are on every bloody list this year.
Gomez: Song in My Heart: They continually make great albums and make that seem easy.
Bernhoft: Choices: One of Husband Jamie’s discoveries: super-talented Norwegian all-rounder.
Penguin Prison: Don’t Fuck With My Money: This should have been the pop anthem of the year.
Will Young: Safe From Harm: Consistently good artist teams up with Richard X and makes best album of his career.

Now it’s time for some music:
Control by Autoheart




Disco Moment [Video Edit] by brightlightx2

Back to the ‘awards’:

Best UK album:
Patrick Wolf: Lupercalia : A coherent long-player is quite hard to find these days but Mr Wolf goes from strength to strength.

CockNBullKid: Adulthood
Brett Anderson: Black Rainbows
Sarah Nixey: Brave Tin Soldiers
Nerina Pallot: Year of the Wolf

Best International album:
Steve Nicks: In Your Dreams: I fell in love with the singles and videos, and ended the year with a load of her Fleetwood Mac albums.

Bernhoft: Solidarity Breaks
Jenny Wilson: Blazing
Foster The People: Torches
Joan As Police Woman: The Deep Field

Best UK Group:
Fingersnap: David McAlmont has always been in my musical lists and the addition of Guy Davies led to one of those duos that are more than the sum of their parts.

The Melting Ice Caps

Best International Group:
Foster The People: Earworm singles, fun videos and an album that got played so many times.

The Pierces
The Original 7Ven
Wolf Gang

Best UK Male single:
Bright Light Bright Light: Disco Moment: Why is this man not a massive pop star? The charts deserve some great acts.

Best International Male single:
Penguin Prison: Don’t Fuck With My Money: American equivalent to the great things I see and hear in Bright Light Bright Light.

Best UK Female single:
CockNBullKid: Yellow: She’s just been excellent all year.

Best International Female single:
Steve Nicks: Secret Love: I’m repeating myself from my Songs of the Year now! Lead single that was just perfect.

Best UK EP:
Winner: Fingersnap: Smokehouse EP: See all my other bloggings about why this is such a treasure.
Florrie: Experiments EP

The Melting Ice Caps: Strike EP
Patrick Wolf: Brumalia EP
The Mummers: Mink Hollow Road EP
The Primitives: Never Kill A Secret EP

Best International EP:
Winner: Beth Ditto: EP: We need an album of this electropop Beth.

Runner up: Uh Huh Her: Black and Blue

Best Gig:
Fingersnap at the Jazz Cafe (20th November): Stunning set, great company, chat with the singer, intimate venue. Excellent.
The Melting Ice Caps, Dream Themes and Mr Solo at Buffalo Bar (21st August): David Shah’s Ice Caps got even better and the other acts were pretty good.
Bright Light Bright Light single launch at London Fashion Week (21st September): Surrounded by trendies (eek!) but the music was so exciting.
The Soft Close-Ups at Native Tongue (2nd August): Perfect sit-down music with beers.

Best Live Album:
David McAlmont Live From Leicester Square CD & DVD : Even if I hadn’t been to that show I would have to recommend this one.

Best project people complained about but I quite liked:
Winner: Kate Bush: Director’s Cut album : But then I didn’t own all the original albums that got re-jiggled and it came in a nice package.
Runner up: Sophie Ellis-Bextor: Make A Scene album

Best album I know is good but I just couldn’t get to grips with as much as I wanted to:
Wild Beasts: Smother : The music didn’t register in my memory despite multiple plays but the EP that followed it had some songs that I understood far better.

Artist that gets a lot of love but I just don’t feel:
Lady Gaga : A hybrid of Grace Jones and Younger Madonna being all Ooh Controversial with some average pop songs? I’ll pass.

Return to form:
Brett Anderson: Black Rainbows : Glad he went back to what he does best after the previous album was too boring to buy. That seemed so wrong.

Best video downloady thing that’s kind of a single I think:
Miles Fisher: New Romance : It’s apparently an in-joke/tie-in with a film I have never seen but still great fun.

Surprise new song that was number two in the UK Top 40 when I heard it:
Emeli Sande: Heaven : Unfinished Sympathy is 20 years old and still wonderful.

Best Scandinavian import newcomer album:
Bernhoft: Solidarity Breaks : The live video clips don’t really show off the full blown production of the album.

Hamel: Lohengrin : Good old fashioned music and lyrics is sometimes all you need.

Best new artist found via a Facebook posting:
James Vincent McMorrow: Early In The Morning album : Minimal at times but always lovely. Not ‘bland’ like this year’s buzzword.

Best new Antipodean act:
Lovers Electric : I ended up buying both their albums after the new one looked promising on a leaks site.

Best Mashup:
Soundhog: A Witty Title Involving Rockets & Losing Sleep : Marvellous.

Best Comeback For An English Band Popular In The 80s:
Duran Duran: All you Need Is Now : The most Duran Duran sounding album since Rio, probably.
Human Leage: Credo
The Primitives: Never Kill A Secret EP
Blancmange: Blanc Burn

Best cover of one of my favourite old vinyl singles:
Beverley Knight: Fairplay : Lesser known Soul II Soul debut single done well.

Best modern remix of an old track:
Depeche Mode: Puppets (Royksopp Remix) : I wasn’t all that familiar with the original so this sounded like an excellent new track.

Best modern remix that purposefuly sounds like an old one:
Kylie Minogue: Put your Hands Up (Pete Hammmond Remix) : Sounds about putting hands up in a retro remix style proved popular.
Bright Light Bright Light: Italo Disco Moment
Nerina Pallot: Put Your Hands Up Like It’s 1987

Best Use of the Funky Drummer beat:
A tie between Katy B: Broken Record and Jamie Woon: Spirits : The one where I listen to what the young people and critics like.

Best Deluxes Reissues:
All of the Suede albums : Even if the packaging of these fat products weren’t quite strong enough to prevent spine damage. Second only to those Saint Etienne ones from last year.
Frankie Goes To Hollywood: Welcome To The Pleasuredome
Mica Paris: So Good

Best New Song That Arrived Out Of Nowhere:
Hologram Heart Parade: Dirty Heart : Massive earworm song that got played a lot on my Czech holiday.

Foster The People: Call It What You Want
Kimbra: Cameo Lover

Best debut Double A Side ‘single’:
Lana Del Rey: Blue Jeans / Video Games : Was this even a real old fashioned single? Is that concept even relevant anymore?

Best Artist I Always Thought Was OK But I Finally Got Into:
Winner: k d lang : It’s always good to go mad for a bunch of second hand albums by an artist you should have tried before.
Runners-up: Japan, David Sylvian

Best person from a terible TV talent show who made a good album:
Will Young: Echoes : I’m partial to bits of his other releases too but this one actually got purchased in our house.
Rebecca Ferguson: Heaven

Best new song from a Best Of compilation:
Winner: Scritti Politti: A Day Late And A Dollar Short (from Absolute) : Please can we have a new album now?

Runner up: Claudia Brucken: Thank You (from Combined)

Best new Various Artists compilation:
Zang Tuum Tumb: The Art of the 12″ : Excellent double disc ZTT retrospective in 12″s form, with a sequel due in Spring 2012.


Love this house / Stupid as a mouse

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

What with going on holiday and a lot of albums coming out I have got a bit behind on obsessively cataloguing all my purchases so here’s a bumper batch:

15th June 2011:

Suede: Coming Up Deluxe +DVD (£9.93 incl P&P)
Suede Version 2.0′s first album was rather marvellous and it was the one that turned me into a big fan, along with the now unnecessary b-sides album Sci-Fi Lullabies (due to all these explanded editions). The extras on this are fantastic and I can’t recommmend it enough so here are some videos to recommend it instead:

Sophie Ellis-Bextor: Make A Scene (£8.93 incl P&P)
aka That Album We Never Thought Was Coming Out. I like it, obviously, and it’s a big of a greatest hits EP plus some new (to me) tracks. Pretty successful as an album to my ears.

20th June 2011
Gomez: Whatever’s On Your Mind (£7.69 incl P&P)
Good old reliable Gomez (in a positive way) have made another album and it’s a good Gomez album. That’s a result.

Patrick Wolf: Lupercalia/ Lemuralia (£14.99 + £3 P&P)
Probably my album of 2011. I love this and have been playing it to death but have not yet killed it completely. This is Mr Wolf’s romantic album and one with many songs that would work well for the gay wedding market. Marvellous songs, lots of interesting noises and it sounds great.

21st June 2011
The Feeling: Together We Were Made (2 disc version) (£12.55 incl P&P)
I wasn’t fussed about the single to be honest and bought it without hearing (wot no leak?) but it’s pretty solid. For some reason they also made a two disc version with more songs and only a few of those ones are b-sidey so it’s a thumbs up from me.

Suede: Head Music Deluxe +DVD (£9.93 incl P&P)
Hmmm… not the best Suede album but it has some nice moments on it. The b-sides are mostly pretty ropey this time. Boo hiss boo! Here are some ‘interesting’ video clips:

The One Where Patrick Wolf Goes To The Seaside

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

I am a big fan of that Patrick Wolf bloke and quite rightly loved his forthcoming single when I first heard it, while wondering what the video would be like. Would it be like the Scary Video We Don’t Mention? Would it be a bit arty farty? Would it be like them 80′s in the way that the song is, with its saxophone (I remember the days when you were nothing without a sax solo), positive lyrics and that bit that reminds me of that Annie Lennox song which is not actually from that era? Well:

They went to Southend* and had a lark. I made a postcardy montage and had a lovely time.

The video is exclusively on The Guardian site here. It’s very 1982 with its Cheap Having A Load Of Fun With Some Folks vibe and I do like it but was waiting for something a bit sinister to happen the whole time. I suppose it’s his Big Pop Moment and that’s a good thing as we need more popstars who aren’t either A) From that awful Simon Cowell machine or B) Airbrushed dazzle-toothed lipsynching middle aged fictional school kids with their watches permanently set on Jazz Hands O’ Clock, shitting out bad cover versions at an alarming rate. I have high hopes for the forthcoming album, mostly because of loving all of his previous other albums.

*or another seaside town. Anyone for Canvey Island?

Time of My Life

Friday, November 5th, 2010

It’s the 5th of November which always makes me think of a certain song by Patrick Wolf that has fireworks in it. How handy: here it is right now, lurking below:

Also how handier that I have been doing the happy music face to his brand new single that’s not out for bloody ages yet:

Lush strings!
Strummy noises!
Wolf voice!
Dramas! : excellent. Although not an actual wolf of course as that would be bloody weird.

Wrapped up in books (and parcel tape)

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

Busy week, inluding the inevitable packing up the office leading into the Big Sales Conference Organised By Me taking place while ‘some men’ moved all the stuff to the new premises. Which I have not seen yet and still have no key for. Whoops. Hmm… I am looking forward to getting in there and sorting it all out and resisted the urge to leave a gift-wrapped poo on a certain lazy liar’s desk before I left. She’s never at it so would not have noticed until Christmas even if I had done my dirty protest. I am a grown up so I thought better of this, as proven by my wearing of a suit on Thursday. No tie of course, so last year.

Unexciting things this week:

Trying to find a copy of issue 4 of Phonogram Singles Club in London and failing.

Sanding down painty lumps in the lounge walls very badly.

A lot of cardboard boxes and parcel tape. I swear I dreamt about this too.

Attempting to watch Funny People but deciding that as there were no funny, just lots of people, and its 4.3 hours running length was a bit long that it may be best to not bother. Damn, Apaptow was one of my big entertainment cheeses in his TV era and the films bug me because of this. If I wanted to watch ugly dumb potty-mouthed men bragging about pussy I would still be managing a Pizza Hut delivery unit.

Exciting things this week:

Sia leaked a song from her 2010 album!

The BNP befriended a Muslim-hating Sikh and the usual tools failed to see the irony.
Daily Mail readers love the now-no-longer-racist party. Ironies.

Patrick Wolf done made a video for that good song:

I liked the new Muse single:

The first part of that Doctor Who animation appeared and it was alright if you like that sort of thing.

I am old skool so I find the CGI-ness a bit creepy, and the characters just look stoopid when running. Animated Who can be great though, see the DVD of The Invasion for an example.

The Sarah Jane Adventures finished and it was overall a good old fun load of nonsense. Really deserves a repeat slot in a more prime time timey wimey zone though as it definitely deserves a wider audience. The first story was the weakest but there were some strong ones this year including a mad wedding episode, Floella Benjamim vs ghosts, the absurd but funny loopy northern Mona Lisa rampage and some good gungeing this week.
Roll on series 4 please. CBBC is so much better than it gets credit for (is it Ed & Oucho December yet?).

Ignorance is still adored…

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

Item! Hmm… the Twitter hashtags experiment of #slapamailreaderday was fun but I still despair for the future of humanity what with them Northern Koreans with their nu-clear sounds and the Californians terminating human decency and respect. Hashtags came about because I got rather hacked off (I know, don’t look if you don’t want to be annoyed) by puny humans who read a certain paper for people who don’t like to think for themselves about how everyone should be able to marry the person they love and stuff:
I am almost proud of my red arrows. They don’t do no flying tricks in the sky though.

Nice to see that Mail readers approve of slavery. Not all that surprised, just ashamed. I blame this “Stalinist socially-engineered dictatorship” we arte living in. Or is London now an imdependent state and I missed the memo?

Tracey is quite right. Why make a load of fuss and nonsese about civil rights when there are people starving in Africa? I hope Trace eats all her din-dins.

Meanwhile Paul (who appears to live in prison) is “not homophobic in any way but…” then is. And this is meant to surprise me? He thinks same sex marriages are the siliest thing has has ever heard of so I assume he doesn’t get out much. Well he could be staying in for a long time. Oh shame.

Item! Hard Times indeed, Patrick Wolf. The video looks like what a musical episode from Doctor Who in 1972 would look like if they ghad more money to spend. I like it but then I would.

Item! While I remember, here’s episode 9 of The Apprehensive:

Avin’ a bladdy larf, etc, etc

The Sun Is Often Out

Friday, April 24th, 2009

Hurrah, it is Friday again and it’s been a busy week. My first London Book Fair where my feet were ruined by grown-up shoes but I experienced the joy of lumberjack chips in the pub, tons of Christmas Highlights kits for head office buyers to look at, a whole load of printing and a fair amount of doing stuff on Amazon meant it was busy busy busy but it had a great soundtrack: new Patrick Wolf album leaked (an essential purchase for June, lots of mad beats, funny instruments, good storng melodies and peculiar voice bits), the Noisettes album was released (I bought it as it is so much better than their first one and quite disco-y in a good way), some new Jarvis Cocker tracks landed on the internet (that 8/1 blog is rather smashing) plus the pants song from The Apprentice of course.
Oh no, I fogrot to eat my Wake Up Call this morning. This might explain the pants problem. Brilliant cereal box design though. Honest.

I have become slightly obsessed with prematurely cancelled (by Fox of course) early 00′s comedy Undeclared.

Maybe because, like The Inbetweeners, some of it reminds me of awful people I have known. The terrible music fight in the linked clip especially so as I once shared a house with a couple of not-at-all-from-the-hood white blokes who only played hip hop and only played it very loudly. Very Westwood (Tim not Vivienne).

Obligatory comics recommendations (mutants spesh):
X-Factor 42
I still love X-Factor even if the art team changes every other issue. No it is not the talent show off the telly. It is quite camp sometimes though with the fabulous bitchy one.

Meanwhile, in Uncanny X-Men where artist Greg Land is still copying images from catalogues and porn:
Uncanny 508
Uh-oh! Obligatory continuity-messing sort-of-resurrection alert!
Uncanny 508
Also: gays and stuff… at least good old Northstar is a stroppy one. Who could blame him after he was killed by a brainwashed Wolverine then resurrected as a zombie by evil ninjas only to be somehow restored to normality in an ending I must have forgotten about?

So… what’s going on with Dollhouse? Well it improved bloody loads after a few episodes which wasn’t hard as it started very badly. But now it might be dead or might be alive. Well it is on Fox. Damn rumours…
What’s that? The Daily Express reckon Gillian Anderson from The X-Files is going to be playing The Rani in Doctor Who? Hmmm…

In other news, the new Big Finish play (story 1 of 3 of the McCoy mini season) was damn fine, I wore shorts outside today (which is not right), bought a part for my oven in a shop for men (an electrical shop) successfully and made my first vegeburger mix burgers. They were yummy.

The Price is not right (as per usual)

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

Hmmm… the Michelle Ryan cat has been let out of the bag!
Bionic time!
I wonder if Daily Mail readers are looking forward to it?
I love how they give green arrow points to moaning minnies.

Hmmm… Patrick Wolf’s forthcoming album has a little sampler mix thing on the interwebs

And, shamelessly ‘inspired’ by Clive’s blog mentioning it, here is this week’s OK Magazine:
That’s not a real magazine cover, is it? It’s from the makers of The World’s Greatest Newspaper so maybe it is.

And prey tell, The Tit-Witch Formerly Known As Jordan, who would do the raping of the rapists? I am sure they could turn it into a celebrity-based reality show. Taking Price’s logic further this means that burglars should be burgled back, drunk drivers should be made to drink even more and drive even worse, and lairy geezers should recieve a kicking.

So it’s tit for tat? Oh my aching sides I am so humorous.

Also: Has Price joined Obama’s gym? How else would she know his level of fitness? I am confused.

Famous people, dead people, drunk people, clever people…

Thursday, September 25th, 2008

What a busy week! I had a (working) day out yesterday and a 10 hour madness shift back in the office today to catch up. Nothing of today would be blogworthy, even receiving my complimentary Jade Goody book. Tuesday was more fun, what with stupidly fiddling with my iPod before going into the bank and letting my cheque blow away, leaving me to chase it around a small park just off the main road. I doubt 1980s Village has seen such fun since that timethe dish ran away with the spoon. Loving the £2.50 Lunch though: Crusty bap, large coffee and some kind of cake or pastry. It’s like Ashes To Ashes without the “hilarious” sexism and racism.

The trip to London included lots of bus rides that could have been beaten by walking. I hate the place and am glad I’m mostly rid of it. I wouldn’t dare complain about one of our delays which was due to a road being cordoned off by police looking at a big red smear in the road. I later found out that a poor cyclist had been knocked down by a lorry and killed. That was my first experience of a death scene and the Daily Mail readers didn’t let that stop them having a typically friendly discussion on the story:

“Do not know details of this terrible accident but all i know is that most cyclists ignore all road signals and lights.”- Mike, London,England, 25/9/2008 10:33

“A tragedy for sure…but what’s the betting she was one of the majority of London cyclists who blithely run every red light they come across?”- Spencer, London, UK, 25/9/2008 12:11

What nice people!

Soundtrack tip for bad commuting on the tube: Antony and the Johnsons. Listening to Hitler In My Heart, The Atrocities or Bird Guhrl while getting sardined is strangely refreshing. Any other trannsexually songs with lots of religious iconography will also do the job.

I think whoever made the new Morningwood video has been to see a certain musical with puppets. Oh yes.

I had some very nice but very tiny yummy finger food last night at a certain famous Indian chef’s book launch. Is it rude to take three mini paneer on tiny toasts at once from the waiter? I did a bit of schmoozing and had a few cocktails but was tired after sales meetings at Tate Britain, Waterstones, WHSmith HQ (mostly gays), Foyles, another Waterstones and, oh you get the idea. We also went past my old old bookshop which is also being regenerated into a bookshop with a big W on it.
I sneaked off to Forbidden Planet and bought the newly-released first hardback of Gotham Central, the latest issue of Manhunter and volume one of Terry Moore’s Echo. All very good I am sure. Also nipped into HMV for the Saint Etienne singles and Zavvi where Juno was on the 3 for £20 DVD deal. Next was Fopp where I found myself staring at Patrick Wolf browsing DVDs with his friend. Weirdly enough, I had been after his first album but instead found the Magic Position for a fiver. As I am actually quite shy I left him alone.
Bad Photoshop Fopp
He is very tall and had funny trousers.

I am so upset about Ruth Kelly pissing off*.

Tomorrow is the grand re-opening of my old shop as it has now fully regenerated. I wonder if it now owns a flute and occasionally wears a pointy hat?

It’s not new but I love the video for Bryn Christopher’s Smilin’. So I do.

*yeah, right, but I like The Daily Mash’s view of the whole saga.

"Have a proper taste…"

Wednesday, April 11th, 2007

Jesus is in my I-Pod. After it died on Good Friday (no battery power even though there should be, no reaction when I plug it into the USB thingy, etc etc) I gave in and ordered a shiny new Nano even though apples and pears are evil with their shoddy electronic items… then on Easter Sunday the bloody thing comes back to life and proceeds to accept the charger thing. Damn you (but not in a blasphemous way if that is possible) Jesus-Pod!, I am changing my name to Danny Two Pods.

In television reviews news… Damn you, Life On Mars! It all went a bit Torchwood for me. Sam was in a coma in the present, dreaming of living in a 1970s cop show and killed himself when he couldn’t cope with the rubbishness of modern life. Or he was really in the past all along with a very active imagination that gave him heaps of knowledge about future pop culture, policing procedure and other stuff. Or he was Captain Jack. Does that mean Annie is Gwen? And Gene is that creepy man with the clock fetish?

Life On Mars
Or does Bowie have the secret? Or is it all a metaphor for choclit?
Coming soon: The unnecessary threequel: Pump Up The Volume?

Patrick Wolf has been doing loads of telly when he’s not getting his hair done. Here he is with that Kenickie woman and the only Welsh man who is not in Torchwood or Doctor Who…

Yes it’s a load of clips but there’s a theremin!

I had a meeting (while manning the tills, never a good idea) with a real-life Johnson type. Spooky… He didn’t seem to understand my problems with the level of expected service from his company and I think he would have been more in his element with some fuck-off spreadsheets and a cappuccino rather than a belligerent bookshop manager repeating that he is not happy over and over again. I almost called him Johnson at least once. He is not really called Johnson of course. That would have been embarrassing.

(by the way, Johnson is back! Peep Show episode 2 is coming in a week and a few days. Also featuring Big Suze)

I think there are a lot of Doctor Who fans buying clothes from ASOS at the moment…
That jacket with those shoes? Hmmm…

(and now, shamelessly cut and pasted from That other bLog I also write, here’s some more stuff)

Another day, another Peep Show peek. Or even peep. Anyway…
Peep Show 4
The lovely woman who does the publicity for Peep Show sent me that rather fetching promotional photograph. Thanks, publicity woman!

She also happened to mention that there are some new trailers such as this one which is for mad people who haven’t watched the show before:

Then there are a couple of short clippy trailers that you have probably seen on your television if you watch anything else on Channel 4 but I have no idea what you would be watching there…

It’s almost as exciting as Doctor Who. Almost.