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November Music Month: Dance with me pretty boy tonight

Sunday, November 18th, 2012

The Pipettes: Pull Shapes (2006)

I have no defining memories relating to this song but once heard (and seen) it is never forgotten. Total pop joy and it turned up again in one of my favourite comics of recent years. Yes, Phonogram was great and the Pull Shapes issue of volume 2 is available in the trade paperback (Amazon link) if you like that sort of thing. You really should like that sort of thing.

The Pipettes returned for album number two after a bit of a regeneration into a more 80′s influenced band and are now in limbo. Shame. Both albums are very good and you could even push the boat out by listening to them while reading the Phonogram books. Eagle-eyed sorts might notice that my blog logo at the time of posting is another Gillen / McKelvie comic book panel, as it seemed appropriate to my ‘manifesto’ (I do not have a manifesto).


Shake, Twist & Stomp

Friday, November 25th, 2011

Had a bit of a splurge on second hand discs recently…

21st November
The Pipettes: Boo Shuffle (single)
Not a second hand album! The ‘lost’ song that originated from the ‘lost’ era where some of the Pipettes were different is finally released as a single with a lovely video. It sounds more like the old style Pipettes, which is nice, but I also like the new style too. I’m so easy to please and this track is very activity-inspiring:

21st November 2011:
Meshell Ndegeocello: Comfort Woman (£3.74 plus P&P)
I had her first two good albums but some of the hit and miss middle era ones were reasonably cheap so I went a bit click-happy.

22nd November 2011:
Meshell Ndegeocello: Cookie: The Anthropological Mixtape (£3.98 plus P&P)

Meshell Ndegeocello: Bitter (£3.33 plus P&P)

23rd November 2011:
Benjamin Diamond: Strange Attitude (£1.25 plus P&P)
Another one of those I Had This CD At The Time But Where Is It Now? moments. This is bloody lovely French House Pop and a real bargain. Benjamin Diamond may be more familiar to the normal people as that voice on Music Sounds Better With You. This is his first album and it’s his most dance music one.

Ephraim Lewis: Skin (98p plus P&P)
I bought the main single from this album when it was released but somehow never got the album. After reading an article about him last week i eagerly purchased the album which is definitely one of my favourite soul(ish) albums ever. 98 pence!

Alexander O’Neal: All Mixed Up (94p plus P&P)
I’ve been having a Jam & Lewis month after buying the new album by the band formerly known as The Time and three Alex LPs were purchased. This includes Fake 88 and the occasional horrible mid to late 80s remix or two.

24th November 2011:
Benjamin Diamond: Out Of Myself (38p plus P&P)
The second Benjamin Diamond album is a lot more ‘real instrument-y’ and equally as good as his debut. I’ll get the third one soon.

Alexander O’Neal: Hearsay (37p plus P&P)
The uptempo numbers are great.

Alexander O’Neal: All True Man (1p plus P&P)
This includes Yoke!

Carry On Flesh Eating

Friday, August 27th, 2010

More cool things that make you go hmmm…

Music videos overload this week!

Rose Elinor Dougall’s album release date is almost here and now a video for Carry On  has appeared. It’s very 80s but not in a ha ha funny hair and synthesizers way, oh no. It’s a bit different to the previous singles which were rather more reflective and relaxing but I still love it:

Foxy Shazam may be the new Mika. Or Queen. Or somehting like that, just keep Ben Elton away from them as he might come up with a new horrible musical. Their good album is still not out in the UK but I bought the import a while back and they have  a new video which has been made by someone who enjoyed that Supergrass video. You’l know which one I mean if you watch it:

The Dawson  Bros used to write for Mitchell & Webb’s sketch show buy not any more. Now they write for bloody everything (including that awful thing where Richard Hammond pretends to give a damn about people falling in the water over and over again from the safety of a dry studio in a different country)  and have also made what was supposed to be a short viral clip but it now a full length video for  History by Groove Armada. This is a fun amusing video (alwaays a good thing) and I have liked the song for some time now:

Also cool: zombies!

No, not a remake of 28 Days Later but a TV version  of The Walking Dead with That Bloke From This Life and Teachers. The official site won’t let us watch the trailer but I have found it elsewhere and it is below:

Everything American has to have British  Actors With American Accents since it become the bloody law. Shockingly, I have never read the comics it is based on but am pleased to see another massively geeky TV show is forthcoming.

Music is my music is my music is my life (and so are biscuits)

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

Bloody hell, a quiet night in on my lonesome. I have already opened the Hobnobs (chocolateless ones, bah) and had too much cauliflower so now it’s time for the blog rambles about things which are good in the world of geek this week:

Lost is still on the telly and it is shit hot right now. What a vile expression but all the story threads are coming together very nicely indeed. Can’t really say much without spoiling it but this week included characters doing the following things: finally kind of having that picnic, exploding, hanging around outside a school. This is a good thing really and if you’ve given up on it I suggest getting caught up.

Treme is new to the telly that is acquired through nefarious means i.e. it’s just started in America. It’s The Jazz Wire (post-hurricane) and the first episode showed a lot of potential. It has some Wire-y people, John Goodman and the marvellous Melissa Leo who was in Homicide: Life on the Street (which we’ve just started watching on DVD. Again for me but first time for Jamie) so you know it’s got the pedigree, chum.

Also on the telly (both UK and other): Nurse Jackie series 2 is coming along nicely and is very my kind of thing. Not too dark so far this year but then I might be the wrong person to ask as I like a mix of comedy and torment for some reason. United States of Tara is also in its second sesason and also still strong. I’m still watching Heroes on the BBC but am always a few episodes behind as there’s not enough time in the day what with all the DVDs (The Horns of Nimon was time I will never get back) but I’m enjoying it as much as I did when it was a new show. Also watching Pineapple Dance Studios as it’s a marvellously dry look at deluded egomaniacs although last week’s episode where David Van Dayesque odd ‘not gay’ wannabe popstar Andrew Stone met David Van Day (also ‘not gay’) got me all confused. I believe split screen may have been used. Oh and Emmerdale. Yes, really. It knows the science behind making a soap opera that works which is nice.

With the music, I was pleased to see The Melting Ice Caps having another free single on his website and as usual it is bloody lovely. If you like your indie but not a racket one man band sensitive man with a sense of humour music you’ll love it. And so you should. Other musical things that were real money purchases have been the deluxe edition of Here Lies Love (I’ll talk about that one another time) , the album from  Codeine Velvet Club (who I blogged about last week) and some old things made new:

The S’Express Original Soundtrack album is one of my endless “I had it on tape” albums. Still got the original vinyl singles of course but now the album is back on CD with a few extra mixes, some nice photos in the booklet and it sounds great.

Ah, Lonnie Gordon! That album that allegedly never came out (I had most of the 12″s) is so very catchy, I just had to buy it. My first Stock Aitken Waterman album on CD ever in fact, although I did have Mel & Kim on cassette at the time of release. Talking of that, the b-side misx on the 12″ of Respectable is impossible to find on CD or mp3 although similarly named but mostly instrumental versions exist. Damnit.

Love it. Want it on my bloody iPod as I cannot carry my 1993 massive stereo around.

A couple of videos relating to essential new music:

Sia’s new album is coming soon!

So is The Pipettes new album. The single is out and should have arrived in the post but so far no show.

These are not the pipettes you are looking for…

Thursday, February 18th, 2010

I bought some old singles from a certain band that I like very much and now Amazon is being way too literal when I log on:

Not The Pipettes
Stupid puny Amazonians!

My Blog Was Saved By Spacemen

Friday, February 12th, 2010

The Pipettes are back with a new video and freely downloadable song and it’s not Stop The Music! How confusing… That song will appear soon though, and there is an album on the way produced by the iconic Martin Rushent (you know, the man who produced some of the best Human League records). It’s not the polka dot retro stylings of their debut album but they have been evolving for a while now. Really…

Very Hot Gossip. I am showing my age. There’s not been a universal love for this ‘new direction’ but I am very pleased with it.

Anyway, change? Take a look at my Pipettes Membership Timeline:

Julia Clark-Lowes 2003 – 2005 (now half of The Indelicates)
Rose Elinor Dougall aka Rosay 2003 – 2008 (now solo and excellent)
Rebecca Stephens aka Riot Becki 2003 – 2008
Gwenno Saunders 2005 – present (still in the band but does solo side project)
Ani Saunders 2008 – present
Anna McDonald 2008 – 2009
Beth Mburu-Bowie 2009

So this album will be fronted by just Gwenno and Ani Saunders. Not the new Alesha’s Attic, I swear. For the sheer hell of it I did some digging and here are all the various incarnations of The Pipettes in order, beating the Sugababes for regenerations but not yet catching up with The Doctor:

Pipettes 1
Pip 2
Pip 3
Pip 4
Pip 5

Version 2.0 is the one who did the first album but version 3.0 (who did the Shoe That Fits limited edition EP) and 4.0 have been performing the songs from its follow-up that version 5.0 will be promoting. I assume they will be the only vocalists on it…

More video treats:

Pull Shapes performed on a weird Belgian tv show with some men dressed as women on the sofa. That’s Belgium for you!

ABC video. Very cartoony.

Stop The Music (the next single) performed by Version 4.0, filmed by a fan so not the best sound quality but nice to look at.

What shape are you pulling? I am pulling the shape of a pregnant man as we have just had a massive curry.