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“It wants to stop little girls being bridesmaids” (according to Doughty)

Sunday, March 18th, 2012

In recent weeks we’ve had the lovely Cardinal bloke calling gay marriage “grotesque” and comparing it to slavery and then the Pope got involved and used his “Think Of The Children” card. What fun. The last few days have seen the Daily Mail Big Big Cheese tell all his flying monkeys to knock out a piece to help their cause of willful ignorance and I thought it would be interesting to blog about them all… but there were just too many! Here are some ‘highlights’ to illustrate how the country’s second most popular newspaper wants its readers to think what it’s thinking:

Won’t somebody think of the documents! Steve Doughty has done loads of these pieces recently, very eco-friendly in his recycling habits:

Blah blah blah Outrage! Panic!

“Reforms to allow same-sex marriage will see the words husband and wife removed from official forms, it was revealed last night. Tax and benefits guidance and immigration documents must be rewritten so they no longer assume a married couple is a man and a woman. And private companies will be told to overhaul paperwork and computer databases containing the words. Marriage certificates could even be affected by the Coalition proposals, with rules possibly axing terms such as bride and bridegroom.”

Now our forms are not safe from The Gays! All these proposed things that could happen are keeping him awake at night. What does the Daily Mail itself think?

It's ruddy equality you rotters. Not hard to understand.

Yeah who wants equality anyway?  

“Is being doubtful about gay marriage really the same as being anti-gay? This legislation – which not even Stonewall the most persistent gay rights group was agitating for – is not just about allowing homosexual couples to have a wedding rather than a civil partnership. It is about redefining an ancient and precious institution and recalibrating the entire way we speak about it.”

Or it could be about making it the same for everyone, including Mail readers’ children, parents, friends, etc….

“The Mail passionately supports the principle that everyone should be equal before the law, regardless of race, creed, or sexuality and has consistently backed civil partnerships for gay couples. Everyone deserves the right to have their commitment to a relationship legally recognised, with the security and inheritance tax advantages that brings. But would gay marriage confer any more legal rights than civil partnership, and is there really a genuine demand for it?”

You wouldn’t have thought that if you had been reading the Mail when civil partnerships were being planned and introduced.

Don't use common sense! They'll bring out the red arrows of disapproval.

What does Steve Doughty think? I know we already know as he loves writing about this but it must be time for another one from him, right?

Plate of illogical with a side order of fantasy

“The Incredibles had a great catchphrase: if everybody’s special, then nobody is.”

Oh dear, I can see where this one is going…

“The words came irresistibly to mind this week when I saw what Equalities Minister Lynne Featherstone had to say about same-sex marriage. Here it is: ‘Marriage is a celebration of love and should be open to everyone.’ So, according to all evidence, married couples tend to stay together and they are healthier and better off than other people…”

He does the Mel Phillips marriage speech bit which we all know by heart now…

“It’s actually nothing to do with the gay lobby, although no activist worth his or her salt is going to look a gift horse in the mouth. It’s not about gays, it’s about marriage, and the thinking goes like this: if everybody is married, then nobody is.”


“You will have noticed the implications of same-sex marriage legislation already. It starts with the spending of millions on removing the words husband and wife from the legal lexicon. We haven’t been told officially yet, but my bet is when the new law appears couples getting married in register offices or approved premises like hotels and stately homes will no longer be pledging their future to their wedded husband or wedded wife. It’s going to be wedded partner from now on, and if you don’t think that language has much resonance, comfort yourself with the thought that you are no longer being homophobic.”

This man can see into the future.

My brain hurts

Loads of Mail columnists had their obligatory Marriage Equality Do Not Want pieces this week but here are a few of the more famous ones:

Ironic as I grew up in a Mail reading house with Heffer's toxic gay hate columns, which was nice.

Oh Heffer! The headline is excellent here but the article is more reserved.
“My opposition to homosexual ‘marriage’ is straightforward. The phrase is simply illogical — and no change in the law can make it otherwise.”

“I can find no evidence that the majority of people support same-sex marriages. My homosexual friends tell me that many of them are opposed to the planned law change, for much the same reasons as I am. One told me he thought they were ‘silly’, ‘patronising’ and ‘just designed to make a political point’.”

“My Gay Friends” klaxon alert!

Therefore the majority of people — mostly silent — are being asked to accept a policy advocated by a minority, but which would have a serious effect on the nature of marriage.”

“Silent Majority” klaxon. Yawn.

There’s more:

Won't somebody think of the dames?

“To ensure full equality, the Government will either have to grant courtesy titles to the partners of married gay peers and knights – or remove them from the wives of their heterosexual counterparts. That could cause considerable anger: many male peers and knights say the main reason they accepted the honour was to enable their wives to call themselves a ‘Lady’. ”

I am getting angry just thinking about this.

Then there is the issue of lesbian married couples, where one is a baroness or dame.


Mr Slippery is not his penis. Right?

This is about Cameron, who he loves to get upset about:  “But he knows that driving homosexual marriage through Parliament will enrage the suburban voters he despises. He longs to be assailed by them, because it will make him look good among the Guardian-reading metropolitans he wants to win over.

Yes, that is exactly what marriage equality is all about. Bravo!

A New Yorkish Man in England

Saturday, March 26th, 2011

In the grand tradition of all the other times I have met friends from The Internet: today I met Vinny Vero who does the marvellous musical blog So Hip It Hurts (link) for a wander around town with stops for tea and sandwiches, record shops, comic and geek tat, more tea and a big piece of pie. We discussed plans for certain  singers to sort out their career paths (stop the attemtion-seeking bad behaviour / enough with the remixes / focus on the songs / reveal more personality etc) , our shared love of David McAlmont, the ‘death’ of the record industry, vinyl, what Twitter means to people who are scared of change and so on  and so on. I think a  photo blog is the best way to show my day:

After a kerfuffle involving times and travel chaos (with a Tracey Thorn - related moment adding to the delays in a good way) I finally met up with my friend Vinny for the first time outside HMV. No pictures of that shop as it was a bit meh. Went to Sister Ray in Berwick Street instead to look at actual records and CDs including these singles.

Tracey Thorn was in his coffee shop earlier on in the morning so that explains this photo.

After Berwick Street we wandered through the naughty road in Soho where a certain kind of man goes to look at a certain kind of lady. Then down Old Compton Street for a gay tea and gay panini. Then Forbidden Planet for geek-related purchasings....

The Vinyl Factory is not a factory made of vinyl. Look it up on that internet, folks.

After that slightly disappointing Vinyl Factory experience (small room with some nice vinyl art on the walls) it was time to look at the Cuts Demo in Trafalgar Square. But is it art?

There was a good mix of people protesting but certain dodgy tabloids will probably just publish photos of mohican types with angry faces chucking stuff.

More tea was needed so it was time for Cafe Under The Crypt. We liked their banner about banners.

Banners everywhere. Had a giant slice of apple pie and a nice cup of tea in there. Good day!

I recommend meeting The People From The Internet. Here is a song from today:


Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

Birthday weekend (extended version) has been great fun and way too much to blog about here so here are some bullet points not actually formatted as bullet points:

Not Coney Island

Saturday included a trip to Canvey Island to see Jamie’s side of the family and we took a wander along the freezing and wet sea front as well as a nice meal at The Labworth which passes my Is It Good Food? test by having me actually eat the salady accompaniments you never really want.  Then we went off to Brentwood for a visit to my mother (my dad is in waffly Belgium) where I discovered a stash of old Doctor Who fanzines among the Doctor Who Monthly box from the loft, which was a pleasant surprise. May need a bigger house now. We went into town to visit my brother and his husband for a trip down memory lane aka Brentwood High Street where the girls with low self esteem and not enough layers were queuing for that nightclub off the telly (pass) while being stared at by the slightly rapey eyes of men with their best shirts on. We went to a particularly good curry place called Undaal which had a very interesting menu with lots of veggie choices, exotic meat (hmmm) and game birds (well it is Essex). They even had a club singer doing his thing by the bar but when the song about starving Africans came on it almost put me off my motor paneer. Definitely recommended if you happen to be a fan of good food and service.  Sunday was about having a headache and a trip to Waitrose that I have no memory of.

Monday was my 38 Day and we went to the London Transport Museum because Jamie likes that kind of thing and I am fond of the architecture and typefaces of older tube stations. Yes, really. On the way there we had the ‘pleasure’ of being shouted at by a rather refreshed tramp man for twenty minutes on the Central Line and then a rather greasy pain au chocolat in Covent Garden before the museum trip. I managed to not tread on any of the school groups running about, which was a result, and actually enjoyed myself with the scary waxworks. No idea what this photo is about though:

Jamie bought me a rather fetching retro District Line train seat covers pattern apron despite me being nothing like a house wife. Other goodies included the not matching knitwear we bought in Muji , a load of Vertigo graphic novels (some bought partly with the Forbidden Planet voucher from my top friend who also got me a little plastic River Song to play with) , and so much delicious looking chocolate.

Hello Sweeties! *Delete*

On Tuesday I caught up with some of my backlog of TV and reading and things including the final giant part of The Promise which was that drama on Channel 4 which was not shit. Heavy-going in places but then it did deal with post-World War 2 and Palestine and all the horror that you’d imagine from that. Well worth a watch if you like television dramas that are a bit like a long book. Also watched some more Big Love (final season and very very good indeed) and The Chicago Code (from the creator of The Shiled and starring Bette from The L Word as the most important lady cop ever, as the dialogue keeps reminding us). We went off to Camden in the evening which always gives me Soul II Soul flashbacks from the times I used to spend too much money in their shop in the late 80′s as it was Sir Bertrude Fox’s birthday drinks at The Black Cap. Bertie’s blog is rather excellently peculiar and well worth a visit: ahhhh click click ! I hadn’t been to that drinking establishment since that time in 1999 where i gave a stripper lots of evils but this time was all pleasant and I met some of my friends for the first time. I blame the internet. Things discussed included the usual abundance of Doctor Who nonsense, exclusive insights into the workings of dead-eyed very light entertainment TV, long-lost almost forgotten duets with the deceased on the TV and a certain shopping centre advert from the old days. Clips to illustrate:

Anybody who wants to A) bring back Duet Impossible or B) reuinte the people from the Bullring advert should make themselves known.
And then I spent far too much time making this enormous blog post. Being 38 has been great so far.

Gay Agenda: Ramming it down their throats, tea break (Earl Grey), shoving in in their faces…

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Oh dear, Christian B&B 2: Ramming It Down Their Throats is here!

From That Paper:

There was something familiar yet peculiar about some of the Mail readers’ comments on this article:

“… This couple weren’t offended much 10 months ago to seek damages but are now jumping on the bandwagon, add the handful of other gay couples who’ve had this happen to them to in the past jumping on, amd the swarm of militant gays trying to trap B&Bs and this will do nothing more than cause a backlash against the gay community, most of whom accept that people have different beliefs to them and don’t force theirs down others’ throats for the simple reason that they don’t want other peoples’ beliefs forced down theirs.” – Dave, Birmingham, 26/1/2011 19:21

“So the Gays are out in force to force their views down every one else’s throat. My philosophy in life is live and let live – I have many gay and evern transsexual friends, who would be mortified by what these bigots are doing. LIVE AND LET LIVE you gay bullies!!!!!” – Unimpressed, Highland, 26/1/2011 21:08

“There will inevitably be an increase in the number of incidents involving the beating up and assaulting of homosexuals as resentment increases and when it happens they will wonder why. Trouble is it will most likely be those of a moderate and considerate nature rather than these scumbags who insist on shoving their life choices down everyone’s throat.” – The Original Ray, Liverpool, 26/1/2011 21:39

… I have gay friends therefore have no problem with it myself, but there are people out there (mainly from the older generation) who will never accept it no matter how much it’s rammed down their throats.” – MDolla, Flabberghasted, 27/1/2011 10:59

” Tolerance is a 2 way street people. Start and accept the fact that not everybody is going to agree with your life choice and stop ramming your sexuality down the throats of the rest of us who don’t give a damn!” – Duncan Walker, Samui, Thailand, 27/1/2011 11:09

How queer. I felt that this repetitive throat-ram fantasy of Mail readers needed to be addressed, not to mention the unpleasant nature of one of the comments that appeared to say that homosexuals getting pissed off and angry when they are not allowed to spend the night in the room that they legally booked would lead to more gay bashing. I posted a comment last night:

“There will inevitably be an increase in the number of incidents involving the beating up and assaulting of homosexuals as resentment increases and when it happens they will wonder why. Trouble is it will most likely be those of a moderate and considerate nature rather than these scumbags who insist on shoving their life choices down everyone’s throat.

- The Original Ray, Liverpool, 26/1/2011″

Hmmm… on the day that two people were imprisoned for beating a gay man to death this remark seems to be in very bad taste… and what’s with the “life choices” fiction and “ramming/shoving down throats” fantasies of the Mail readers? Gay people choose their sexuality as much as straight people!

It didn’t get published … which is odd considering we live in PC Brigade Gone Mad Broken Britain where you can’t say anything bad about the queers and bloody wimmin without gettting the sack. Except for all those instances where the ‘Silent Majority’ never ever shut up about it.

Gay Agenda: “Shoving it down their throats” followed by AOB

Monday, January 24th, 2011

The latest dose of cuntery (for that is what it is) from Melanie Phillips over at the lovely Daily Mail had one positive effect: it made visitors to that ‘news’ site see that there are lots of decent human beings with empathy who really don’t like it when a cowbag with an agenda takes a potential guide of recommendations for an optional part of the school curriculum and turns it into a ZOMG TEH GAYZ WANT UR KIDS piece. I’m not linking to that steaming pile of hate but there is another option: the good old istyosty link that gives them no new traffic. Click and be amazed!
Highlights of her getting the wrong end of the stick on purpose and then breaking the stick into little pieces, eating those pieces, shitting them out and then calling them sticks:

“Here’s a question ­shortly coming to an examination ­paper near you. What have mathematics, geography or science to do with homosexuality? Nothing at all, you say? Zero marks for you, then. For, mad as this may seem, schoolchildren are to be bombarded with homosexual references in maths, geography and ­science lessons as part of a Government-backed drive to promote the gay agenda.

In geography, for example, they will be told to consider why homosexuals move from the ­countryside to cities. In maths, they will be taught ­statistics through census ­findings about the number of ­homosexuals in the population. In science, they will be directed to ­animal species such as emperor ­penguins and sea horses, where the male takes a lead role in raising its young.

Alas, this gay curriculum is no laughing matter. Absurd as it sounds, this is but the latest attempt to brainwash children with propaganda under the ­camouflage of ­education. It is an abuse of childhood. And it’s all part of the ruthless campaign by the gay rights lobby to destroy the very ­concept of normal sexual behaviour.”

Except they won’t be bombarded with anything of the sort, there is no ruthless campaign and there is no destruction of the very concept of childhood on any agenda, gay or straight.

Anyway, here are some things that cheered me up today from the responses to Mad Mel’s latest bile-puking:

Gay people shouldn’t have to be content with living how they wish privately. They should be allowed to book into a B&B without wondering if they’ll be allowed a bed, they should be allowed to walk down the street without being told they’re going to hell… This isn’t ramming their sexuality down anyone’s throats, it’s simply asking for the same basic level of respect that the rest of us enjoy without having to ask. (P.s. the stuff about schools is nonsense, do some real research Mel)

- Chris W, Blackpool, 24/1/2011 11:39
Click to rate Rating + 55

What I find worrying, and what should worry parents for the future, is that so many people take opinion pieces like “article” as being fact based and are so astonishingly lazy or gullible (or both) that they don’t bother to do any further research and find out what the truth is before they launch off in some hysterical tirade about how “the gays are taking over the world”. If people are all that gullible and small minded then what hope for their children or for the future. “values which were once the moral basis for British society are now deemed to be beyond the pale.” – With statements like that I often wonder at just what point in time people like Melanie Phillips would have liked humanity to stop moving forward, after all there was a time when it was important in British Society that a womans place was in the home and that her opinion counted for nothing, would Melanie like to go back to that era too!

- Paul, Reading, UK, 24/1/2011 12:38
Click to rate Rating +56

“McCarthyites”? Really? I would suggest that you go away and do some reading, perhaps Ellen Schrecker, The Age of McCarthyism: A Brief History with Documents (Boston, 1994) or John Earl Haynes, Red Scare or Red Menace? American Communism and Anticommunism in the Cold War Era (Chicago, 1990). Next: Melanie Phillips compares apple with orange, finds they are the same, expresses outrage.

- Lyndon, Scotland, 24/1/2011 12:47
Click to rate Rating +317

I’d hate to live with such paranoia as Ms Philips evidently does. “The gays are coming! Think of the children! Will someone please think of the children!” I also like how the examples of this so-called “bombarding” are basically lessons in demography, statistics and evolutionary biology. How awful that children should be taught about the demographic make-up of society, through statistics showing that gay people exist in certain places and in certain amounts and that some animals have paternal child raising. What a horrible gay agenda (!). Geography has always contained information about populations: we do it for race, gender and socio-economic class, why not map sexuality too? I presume the statistics being taught is just using sexuality alongside all these other statistics.

- Alex, London, 24/1/2011 13:48
Click to rate Rating +22

What ludicrously emotive, alarmist and misleading language. Children are to be “bombarded” and “brainwashed” and “abused” following a “ruthless campaign”. None of those things is happening. Suggestions have simply been put forward for an optional curriculum in which gay people are presented as a part of society, which of course they are. There is no compulsion whatsoever on schools to use this curriculum. And as for that suggestion that being gay might become mandatory – when I read comments to that effect I usually dismiss them as coming from the totally lunatic fringe, but when I read that under the name of a paid columnist I have to wonder why. Please tell me that you don’t seriously think that, please.

- Katy , Redditch, 24/1/2011 13:50
Click to rate Rating +25

What a sad, bitter and twisted view of the world Ms Philips has. Perhaps we can suggest alternatives to the “bombardment” of homosexual questions in schools? How about the civic studies question: “When three people beat a homosexual to death in Trafalgar Square, are they all guilty of murder, or just the last one to stamp on his head?”. What about a maths one then : “When lynching homosexuals from an oak tree, what is the breaking strain of a rope a centimetre in diameter. Explain your working for single and multiple occupancy of the noose”. Finally, how about geography: “list all the countries where homosexuality is punishable by death and write a short paragraph about each listing what else they get right”. This stupid, bigoted woman is feeble even by the weak standards of the Daily Mail.

- Paul Harper, Stratford, London, 24/1/2011 14:07
Click to rate Rating +46

I love it when sanity gets to mix with Mail views, it almost gives me a warm feeling inside.

Good blogs on this sick filth from the usual people:

No Sleep ‘Til Brooklands

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2010 in photos and URLs of humans

Friday, December 31st, 2010

Another year ends and once again staying in, not that that’s a problem (unless I am forced to watch Graham Norton being an arse on TV which will never happen). Staying In And Having A Nice Time is better than some of the New Year’s Eve moments that spring to mind like The One With The Bad Boyfriend Who Wouldn’t Kiss Me At Midnight, The One Where I Stayed In Bed All Upset, The One Where I Bumped Into My Nemesis, The One Where I Arrived After The Ding-Dongs Because Of My Stupid Working Hours or The One Where I Fell Asleep. I liked The One Where The Gays Had That Drama-Filled Party In A Flat Above A Shop though. To celebrate the lovely 2010 (sounds so futuristic to me) I have a load of photographs from the last 12 months of the blog involving going out and meeting people:

What I call the Talk About The Passion group in London in the Summer. Not that all of these lovely people are from that fine website / zine but it’s easier to explain. Check out the Talk About The Passion site for more on that project. Not pictured as I didn’t take any photos of him this year and he wasn’t around for this: Christopher Bate who has a blog here. In her first of several appearances on here is That Cheryl who goes out a lot and does

I ended up meeting main TATP man Mister Ben Baker twice in a fortnight after years of not being in the same space at all when we went on holiday to the Yorkshire Dales and Lake District and it would have been silly to not take a little detour and visit him. He’s on Twitter like most of the people in my world of geek: @thatbenbaker .

Also finally met a whole load more blogger pals earlier in the year when Mister Stephen Sears brought his Middle Eight world tour to Fancy London. His site is great for musical recommendations as is the also-pictured Paul’s Fizzypop site. Not pictured (as they hadn’t arrived when the photo was taken) are other luminaries of the musical blogosphere like Phil Worrapolava and Rod Bright Light Bright Light who became a marvellous pop star soon after and keeps turning up on this blog.

I took a lot of photos of Essex seasidse towns this year so a trip to Southend with Jamie and his Mum had to be represented here too. It’s always a bit weird going back there and seeing what has changed, makes me feel all “this used to be fields.”

Doctor Who fangeekathon at the BFI bar with Michael Dennis (whose rather good blog includes his recent “Pay Your Tax!” adventure) and Mister Bertie Fox was great fun and not just because of the anonymous Guest Ale. I am a mere amateur geek compared to those two and they’re both worth a Twitter follow: @bertiefox and @michael_dennis of course.

Went out with Zoe (who is *gasp* not on Twitter and comes from my Art Skool era) to our old London haunts, as we tend to do every now and then. This time we decided on the rer-opened Pollo Bar Italian place in Soho for old time’s sake. Not bad but the quality of the food was not really the point of meeeting up. Good times. Also went to see James ‘up north’ as part of our Yorkshire Dales trips but he is shy and hid behind his hand the entire time. Other eating out moments of note included taking our mothers out but not all night when we went to the seaside in/on Canvey Island. They had good sauces in that place.

As I decided it was my year of going to gigs I actually went to some. David McAlmont at the Leicester Square Theatre was pretty magical and he did a meet the fans thing which I couldn’t resist. The live CD/DVD of that show is coming out in February, marvellous! We also went to see The Melting Ice Caps perform as a full band for the first time which was great stuff and I blogged about them quite a lot this year as you may have noticed. Big geek points day was that one where I bought a TARDIS with all 11 Doctor action figures just before we went to see The Writer Brian Dooley’s new work in progress performed at Soho Theatre: a sitcom read-through in a small hot room that was very funny indeed and needs to be on the telly. Met him afterwards which was lovely as we’re big fans (this year has definitely been The Year of Meeting People) and also met Will Howells who I knew of through Twitter and That Cheryl knew through our shared friend who knows everyone in the country. Or something.

Most postponed event of the year must surely be the Miranda recording at TV Centre. It finally happened and we ended up with a lot of tickets so a gang was formed and it was indeed such fun. Attendees were me and Jamie, That Cheryl, Bertie Fox and his fella Aria , David from The Melting Ice Caps and his comic creator pal Sina Evil . The recording lasted approximately 13.5 hours but we did a lot of laughs and claps.

I took quite a few self portait shots of our trips this year, I really need to hire a photographer to follow us around like a pair of rubbish celebrities. Or get special arm extensions. My attempt to get a photo with my old school friend Simon when we met up for a freezing cold West End wander before Christmas was not entirely successful but the day out was lovely. Another lovely day, way back at the start of this year was the trip to that ice bar place with Sheeraz which was just as cold but at least they supplied us with snazzy blue capes that had a soft muff on them.

We actually went to a comedy event that was not free this year: Popcorn Comedy in London which took place just down the road from one of my old student days house shares. Spooky. The gang for this one was me and Jamie, That Cheryl, Sheeraz (it’s nice when friends meet other friends from different ‘worlds’) and a rare appearance from Clive who has ben quiet since he became an international man of mystery. His not-updated-as-often-as-it-should-be blog is here and is fun. Not pictured as they were not there and not in any other photos: Adam and Wendy who we had many good curries with this year and even let them into our house once. Wendy is on LiveJournal but I am not. Also not pictured as I did not have my camera: the fun that was running around a bit in the BBC basement after eating a lorra lorra Mini Eggs in the green room. We loved our showbiz guestlist comedy recordings moments this year very much.

Final one: Christmas Day! I am still full now (this may be a slight exaggeration). Ho ho ho…

Gaylord Literary Interlude

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

Bookseller of the Year (well, decade actually) friend just alerted me to this:

Mary Ann in Autumn (Tales of the City) [Hardcover] Armistead Maupin (11 Nov 2010)
Twenty years have passed since Mary Ann Singleton left her husband and child in San Francisco to pursue her dream of a television career in New York.Now, a pair of personal calamities has driven her back to the city of her youth and into the arms of her oldest friend, Michael “Mouse” Tolliver, a gay gardener happily ensconced with his much-younger husband. Mary Ann finds temporary refuge in the couple’s backyard cottage, where, at the unnerving age of 57, she licks her wounds and takes stock of her mistakes.Soon, with the help of Facebook and a few old friends, she begins to reengage with life, only to confront fresh terrors when her speckled past comes back to haunt her in a way she could never have imagined. Among those caught in Mary Ann’s orbit are her estranged daughter, Shawna, a popular sex blogger; Jake Greenleaf, Michael’s transgendered gardening assistant; socialite DeDe Halcyon-Wilson; and the indefatigable Anna Madrigal, Mary Ann’s former landlady at 28 Barbary Lane. Over three decades in the making, Armistead Maupin’s legendary Tales of the City series rolls into a new age, still sassy, irreverent and curious, and still exploring the boundaries of the human experience with insight, compassion and mordant wit.

American  cover / British cover: but which is best? Only one way fo find out: pre-order the book! (not strictly true was of deciding)

Any excuse to post this…

Another thing on the DVDs I Would Rewatch If I Took A Year Off Work list. After re-reading all the ruddy books once more as they were my Accompaniment To Existential Homosexual Crisis Month back in the 90s .

It gets better

Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

Been too busy being all efficient and imbibing the workahol to blog but have to say that the It Gets Better site is rather worth a mention:

My pal Michael Dennis (Twitter Man Extraordinaire) was the first person to bring this to my attention: It’s a great idea to collate lots of videos from people aimed at a market who definitely needs some positivity: gay kids, whether they are being bullied or not. People can be such turds and I imagine the level of bad human behaviour these days is not a lot different from way back in time when I would have liked to look at this site (the 80′s, when there was no internet. I love living in the future!)… this kind of thing would  never have existed 20 years ago so that’s a better world point already but with gay kids thinking being dead is a better alternative than carrying on something is seriously screwed up. It’s an American site which came to life because of a recent spate of gay teen suicides,  but I imagine there will (or should) be a British equivalent out there. If not, can someone please make one? More information on the project’s background here.

Anyway, it does get better: I can attest to that (ooh big word) as the miserable me from 20 years or so ago would never have thought they would end up just getting on with their life in the way they always dreamed of without any of the old tedious/nasty daily bullshit and be married to a lovely man. I never tried to hang myself or do bleach shots but if it had been a bit worse you never know. You can even be open about loving Doctor Who these days (sarcasm).

Handily relevant musical moment I have been loving this week:
Kylie Minogue – Wonderful Life (Hurts Cover) by lacite

Insert cricked-based smutty pun here (if you like)

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

What we learned this week:

Mark Steel wrote a thing about that whole Muslim Plot To Blow Up Pope bollocks and he done write it better than that one I did.

Last FM is mostly for looking at what people have been listening to and learning to love your bad records… or something. I am on it and a bit confused:

A treat for the gays and girls: Attitude had an attractive man on their cover instead of the usual plastic Ken Dolls…

… but then they ruined it by putting plastic Gavin Henson on  the back cover. I wonder if he has a button on his back that makes his arms swing back & forth?

Doctor Who Magazine also came out today and has news of Axons on audio, a DVD release for Meglos (apparently dreadful, I have never seen it) and a good comic strip (for once). Lovely.

Clare Balding won  her PCC thing about A A Gill being a homophobic bell end, which was nice.

New Aussie TV show Offspring is rather good (although the trailer above is not) and it has several of my favourite actresses from that country in it, which certainly helps (Asher Keddie from Love My Way, Deborah Mailman from Secret Life of Us and Kat Stewart from Underbelly). Not so good is Spirited which has Claudia Karvan from Love My Way as an irritating dentist being haunted by Super Hans from Peep Show as Super Hans being an80s punk ghost. It seems to not know whether it’s a drama or a comedy and while not awful it just hasn’t grabbed me like I wanted it to.

My Cyberman army (actually more like a Cyberman social group) should be having some new members soon. Already got the recently released Silver Nemesis Cyberman  with Cyber Leader pack but coming soon are the Revenge of the Cybermen pack and an odd Stealth Cyberman with Sixth Doctor pack. One of those packs may not excite me:

Yeah I know the Leader is just a regular Man with black handles.

Backs To The Wall (Part 325): I Can’t Believe It’s Not The Mail!

Friday, July 30th, 2010

This may be riddled with typos as I accidentally snoozed after the yummy sausagey dinner but it caught my (now pink after falling asleep on the sofa with lenses in) eye and I wanted to blog about it tonight…

I started following Clare Balding on Twitter today ( after seeing the latest chapter in trashy ‘journalism’ taking a distinctly unpleasant tone and wanting to follow the story. Brief recap via that nice feminist blog  The F Word (no not that Klingon-foreheaded shouty cookery man):

Friend Of Jeremy and professional word shitter A A Gill said this in the Sunday Times:

Some time ago, I made a cheap and frankly unnecessary joke about Clare Balding looking like a big lesbian. And afterwards somebody tugged my sleeve to point out that she is a big lesbian, and I felt foolish and guilty. So I’d like to take this opportunity to apologise. Sorry. Now back to the dyke on a bike, puffing up the nooks and crannies at the bottom end of the nation.

Clare Balding complained and the paper’s editor John Witherow replied to her with a classic example of making matters worse:

In my view some members of the gay community need to stop regarding themselves as having a special victim status and behave like any other sensible group that is accepted by society. Not having a privileged status means, of course, one must accept occasionally being the butt of jokes . A person’’s sexuality should not give them a protected status. Jeremy Clarkson, perhaps the epitome of the heterosexual male, is constantly jeered at for his dress sense (lack of), adolescent mind-set and hair style. He puts up with it as a presenter’’s lot and in this context I hardly think that AA Gill’’s remarks were particularly “cruel”, especially as he ended by so warmly endorsing you as a presenter.

Massive space between editor and point there. Cue Balding’s response:

When the day comes that people stop resigning from high office, being disowned by their families, getting beaten up and in some instances committing suicide because of their sexuality, you may have a point.This is not about me putting up with having the piss taken out of me, something I have been quite able to withstand, it is about you legitimising name calling. ‘Dyke’ is not shouted out in school playgrounds (or as I’ve had it at an airport) as a compliment, believe me.

It may be your job to defend your writer and your editorial team but if you really think that homophobia does not exist and was not demonstrated beyond being ‘the butt of a joke’ then we have a problem.

Balding 100 – Editor Zero.I bloody love her thoughtful grown-up response which certain ‘journalists’ could learn a lot from.

It continued with talk of a PCC complaint (and we all know how well that particular organisation  works, right?) and various opinions being shared on Twitter, ending with a Guardian article appearing online this evening. So according to its editor the tone and language was perfectly ok but if we used the obvious example of swapping the offensive gay word for a different kind of offensive word for minorities (say skin colour) would it be ok in their eyes? Gill has always been a Clarkson-esque ‘shocking blah blah’ prick so no change there. I hope Balding’s saga of not taking this shit continues to get atttention and ends up with the resolution it deserves.

Talking of minding your blahdy language:

The Sun is also a Murdoch paper and the headline above comes from a piece by the ironically named Gordon Smart. Tabloid Watch wrote a good blog about this sort of thing. Louie Spence’s job  is to basically be a massive whoopsie for the straight people who “wouldn’t let one look after me kids” but that doesn’t excuse such playground taunt language.