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Information: The Village

Saturday, May 11th, 2013

Our latest road trip included a visit to The Village where I wanted to run around shouting and being a bit grumpy (not much of a change from my usual mode really) but managed to remain calm and take hundreds of photos instead. Here are a few of the best ones, followed by a soundtrack of some of the accompanying trip music…

The Village (aka Portmeirion) as seen from up in the woods where we managed to escape to / hopped off the little train tour. So much lovely architecture!

Welcome to your village. The sun was out for the beginning of our exploration but the wind was rather fierce at times.  I took dozens of photos of arches.

The village green, with its beautiful gardens. So much nicer than that messy area behind our house.

The green as seen from up near the dome.

Shops and cafes, formerly used as exteriors for various homes in The Prisoner.

Jamie and one of the many arches. This one is up near the shops.

On the beach, where Rover was nowhere to be seen. Bloody windy though!

Back up to the main village after beachy fun times.

Be seeing you.

Soundtrack time! Here are some of the new tunes making me do the approving nod:
David Bowie: The Next Day. The album is still on rotation in my ears and this new video has just been released. Suitably weird, pretentious and exciting:

Ronika: Rough n Soothe. The latest single, another smash:

Florrie: Live A Little. Florrie has never put a foot wrong, hopefully there will be a full album sometime soon:

Fitz and the Tantrums: More than Just A Dream. The title track from their second album which introduces some new styles but the band still rock:

The Cliks: Savanna. Another returning top band, album duly purchased once again:

Slow Knights: Shame and Sweet Harmony. The Del Marquis / Bright Light Bright Light and pals supergroup have made my favourite album of the year so far:

Little Boots: Motorway. The second album Nocturnes is here! Loving this:

Normal For Norfolk

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

We spent the weekend in Norfolk and I too quite a lot of photographs. Here are some of them and they don’t really need explaining. Great times:


Plasticised camels / Nuclear Seasons

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

It was Jamie’s birthday last week and what says “birthday” more than looking at plasticised animals, dinosaur facts and equestrian skeletons? Yes, we went to the Natural History Museum  to see the plastic dinosaurs and my goth archaeologist sister who happens to work there. Here are some photos with a bit of new music because that’s what I’m like…

The plasticised camels were in the main foyer where photography was allowed so I didn't have to try and be sneaky.

I took a photo of a horse’s head. I am not the mob but I did get told off.


A different horse, also a lovely horse.

Musical interlude!

The new Jens Lekman has the perfect blend of heartbreak and beauty, if you like that sort of thing.

Charli XCX is our new Pop Diva of the Month. This single is chunky hooky electropop!

ToriBot5000 is back with a new album of old songs plus an orchestra! I shall buy this one.

MONSTA (who love the Caps Lock button) have made a video for their most excellent song from last year.

Gwenno has said that she won’t be in any future incarnation of The Pipettes (shame) but her new EP is lovely.

We ARE family!

An excellent horn clarification.

I found this funny because I am so very juvenile.

Sleep with the fishes (not asleep, also featuring mammals)

Careful now!

Animal Inside Out is only on for a few more days (until 16th September) but the whole museum is pretty amazing.


Scotland / Wee Beasties

Saturday, May 26th, 2012

After Newcastle we went up to Scotland for a few days, where I took hundreds of photos which I have edited down to a sensible number here:

Don't be fooled by the rock that I got, I am not a Scot. On the road to Jedburgh.

Jedburgh Abbey: with a lovely tea shop where we had a pot of tea and some scones. We are old women.

The guest house we stayed in for our first Scotland night. Bloody marvellous : quiet, dark and comfortable at night with a great breakfast.

It's only mountains and the sea (sea not pictured).

I did not buy this.

Obligatory musical accompaniment for the trip:

Sam Sparro:


Gaz Coombes:

Bright Light Bright Light:

Healthy. Taken at Fort William where the Waterstones was lovely and I bought an actual book. Yes, I know.

That's my sun for the year then.

The Glasgow Day included some arty things and nice tea and cake in here: the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum. Nice Mackintosh and Mrs Mackintosh things in there!

Inside the Kelvingrove: so many heads!

Also in the Kelvingrove: a Queen.

The Glasgow trip led to this fine stash of old vinyl, mostly from the Oxfam Music shop.

Our trip continued onto our final destination : Gretna! The very edge of the Scotland / England overlap. What a perfect time for me to carry a tea and coffee making facilities tray in a Doomlord t-shirt in front of out giant four poster bed?

Newcastle / no castle

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

We went to Scotland (more on that next time) and stopped off for a day and night in  Newcastle on  the way or the car would have probably had a mechanical tantrum. The most interesting aspect was seeing That Angel of the North so I am blogging photos of the experience with some of the journey’s musical soundtrack. No photos of the noisy city centre hotel with a noisy covers band performing below our bed, nor the excellent comic shop round the corner from the hotel (it’s called Travelling Man) and no photographic evidence exists of the moment a seagull shat on me from a great height, and the same for the odd sight of a woman performing what  appeared to be an acapella music video walking with a small child on each hand along the road where all the bridges are.

View from just off the main road.




New Morten Harket track written by Pet Shop Boys, obviously (if you listen to it):

I bought the Niki & the Dove recently after completely missing out on the hype:

Anyone for Tennis?

Jamie looks tiny.

Oh the shame.



Speedwell / Walked into the room you know you made my eyes burn

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

Another photographs and new music hybrid blog! This time is when we went to a flooded lead mine in the Derbyshire Dales, as you would:

Speedwell Cavern

I saw two new black and white female solo artist music videos today. The one from Madonna was so sexy sexy sexy and left me cold (I am my now Dad watching Top of the Pops in 1982 but all that sexy palava when she did Erotica was not alluring to me at all so maybe it’s just me) but the new old Lana Del Rey video for Blue Jeans has something of the sensual about it. With crocodiles!

Interesting choice to release this single again, although I can totally see why. Maybe one of the more uptempo numbers next time to show she has got the range?

Hard hats: very necessary!

It’s Black & White Video week as Thomas J Speight has a new one too:

I should go and order this EP once I post the blog. His previous one was very nice in an Englishman Does A Bit Of Americana way.

This wonky photo best illustrates the Low Ceilng, Tiny Boat aspect of the experience.

An oldie but goodie, found via Phil on Facebook:

Not that Phil. This Phil!

I survived! Lots of interesting wet cracks and crevices to look at. Recommended.

There’s a new Paul Weller album out and it’s very good. Less Dad Rock , more energetic and interesting with the funny sounds complimenting the songs well. The deluxe edition includes Startlite which was the song that some people went a bit mad over a while back…

Cheshire Life / Automatic

Monday, March 12th, 2012

We went to Cheshire last week as I am old and enjoy pretending to be a posh person from The North. Here are some photographs of some things that we saw, along with some new music for that truly multimedia stylee….

In the orangey tinted-due-to-no-flash posho hotel room. facebook comments on this included "this is SO MAGNIFICENTLY BLEAK."

Here’s the new single from Uh Huh Her.

Oh I like that.

'Special' stuff for the special people in Cheshire Life.

Nneka’s new single is rather lovely:

The Joe Goddard remix is a stonking great tune of awesomeness:

Why do I not have this view every morning? Eh?

Jonny Cola & The A Grades have done something good with this Erasure song:

James has new cats. New cats are very friendly and only made me do one sneeze.

Earworm of the fortnight has to be this disco-funk-pop offering from Ronika:

A trip into space

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

It’s my birthday today so I went out on Saturday and saw some bad geek things. Here they are:

Daleks In Soho

The Invasion has been cancelled

Tissue Compression Eliminator not included.

Still on that feckin' island.

No. Just no.


Meet me at the British-ish Museum

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

Relevant musical interlude moment from The Melting Ice Caps on this link and below:

Meet me at the British-ish Museum / It comprises things we stole and pictures of the Colosseum, some rodeo in Rome / And it might be enlightening, and it might not be frightening / when a mature room attendant gives you the eye.

Great song which leads nicely into this:

Yes, it’s The British Museum on a Tuesday lunch time. Note all the ruddy people getting in my way.

None of them fell down this clearly labelled crack in the treacherous path. This photo could make a fan of the Daily Mail’s useless lazy prick columnist Richard Litttlejohn have a special moment in  their pants ovet the “health and sefety gone mad.”

Husband, with columns.

The main insidey bit does have very nice stairs and a lovely ceiling.

I look like a tool here as usual.

Maps not apps!

Massive pole.

What were these busts looking at?

The Teasmade of course. TEA NOW indeed.

Michael Jackson of course. He was the frightening bit of the visit. The rest was indeed enlightening and luckily no mature room attendants gave me the eye. Well not that I noticed.

We also went to the marvellous My Old Dutch near Holborn for lunch. They have a web presence here.

Quite possibly the most excellent restaurant in the world if you a bit of a child like us.

This savoury pancake is surrounded by regular sized cutlery etc and not miniatures to make it look enormous. We all almost finished our pancakes but it could have killed us. Next visit shall be all about the sweet pancakes. Or the waffles. Or maybe even both.



CK Holiday: grand finale with mirrors.

Sunday, June 26th, 2011

Meanwhile, at the parade…

More men in tights there.

Paula took part in the parade and found a temporary husband.

So did Celine although she acquired two.

After the evening barbecue at the hotel a marvellous musical experience happened. Honest.

Shots from the final morning: Wooden boy.

In the town.

We enjoyed the mirrors.



Not a trick mirror. Or is it?

Final iPod moment:
Nerina Pallot – Put Your Hands Up (Like It’s 1987) [We Are The Chatterleys Mix] by Nerina Pallot

Well, that was a fantastic holiday. Well done, everybody!