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110% is illogical (Captain)

Monday, March 30th, 2009

Work work work Twitter Twitter Twitter boo hiss boo Facebook crapness Work-Twitter Work-Twitter Twitter Twitter… aaarrgh!

Anyway, The Apprentice is back so I remembered that it means something else (something even better in my humble opinion) is also back…
Oh yes. I could watch The Apprehensive all day. If I had time.

Celebrity Shitness Society summed up in one story today:
Damnit Jackson, I was going to go to that an’ all!
I had to place an order for 70 more Jade books for my old bookshop today as they had sold out of the initial batch over the weekend. Nice to see the quality of the locals’ reading tastes has not been affected by my departure.

Other silly thing that amused/bemused me:
I knew The Daily Mail would be all over that. I didn’t bother watching it because I am such a horrid little racist* and neither did the outraged readers. Probably…

Good on you, R.Schumann! Smash that effin’ and jeffin’ telly up while you’re at it!

And then the Mail removed my comment where I called Amanda Platell a spinster. How rude.

Tweet sized review: Bugger, that final Flight of the Conchords was pretty shitty.

* or rather, I couldn’t be arsed as I had Wii Fit hula-hooping to do, followed by Butterworth cupcakes.

This used to be the future… Posing like a swan?

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

Two songs have been on loop here for a bit now…

This Used To Be The Future by those Pet Shop Boys and Phil Oakey is just bloody perfect. Melancholic synth pop from musicians who were futuristic in the 80s. I am an old man when I listen to this song but it makes me happy. Similar feelings evoked as when I listen to How We Used To Live by Saint Etienne and that can never be bad, can it?

Welcome To England by Tori Amos reminds me of life stuff too. A bit of a New Order-y bass in there, some piano, Tori does some Bowie vowels (nice), plus some smooth bits. What more do you need in a Tori song? Looking forward to the album but then I always do.

Other stuff: I love schmoozing and am finding the world of publishing quite a small one which is not a problem at all. I would make a weird chart of how it is all interlinked but that’s a bit L Word. And The L Word is all done now. Probably, I wonder if D’Anna Cylon ever solved the case there. She turned up in Flight of the Conchords last week too (not as a detective or a mental synthetic humanoid and not even as a Warrior Princess beginning with an X) and was marvellous, which leads nicely into another excuse for a clip.

I have been enjoying those Conchords and some of the songs are pretty fun stuff. See?

Pull (achey stiff) Shapes!

Friday, December 19th, 2008

Comics highlights this week include:
Singles Club
The Phonogram Singles Club…
They appear to have a thing for The Pipettes this month.

Nerd stories that caught my eye include Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas (no, not that one)’s new show which reunites some Mars alumni (well, Dick and Vinnie Van Lowe, plus Bill from lost telly classic Freaks & Geeks. Oh yes, nerd factor 10! Old Mars guest star Paul Rudd is involved in the production side of the show, as are quite a few other boffins.

Did I mention this?


Anyway, never mind that musical hilarity, I am having a holiday in January. Oh yes, and abroad* too! I am almost excited… :-)

*Where those dirty foreigners who steal our jobs and women live.

‘Exciting’ Blog!

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

I have had a headache all day, my web domain has gone wrong and the TV on my computer won’t work so I shall make this brief…

Once again the ‘news’ paper has some ‘exclusive’ excellent new ‘content’ by once again using those beloved quotation marks to make anything a ‘story.’ Or ‘whatever’…

Meh. Will it ever end?

That man with the very neat beard who runs Iran told some American students something very interesting: “In Iran we don’t have homosexuals like in your country… In Iran we don’t have this phenomenon, I don’t know who you told this.”
I think that silly man must be blind.

Or maybe he means they are all bisexual. It’s a mixed-up world, isn’t it?

Some people didn’t like Flight Of The Conchords last night. So I offer them this:

Does that help?

Hello Dave? Is Dave there?

Thursday, September 20th, 2007

McCann Express Front Page Marathon: Day 50!
So are The Express saying that the lack of development in the case is now just a ‘mystery’ and not actually a news-void after all? How will they report on it tomorrow then? I’m so so so so bored of this now but I feel obliged to keep shoving them on here until we get a real headline in the craphole of all crappy tabloids. Still, those naughty foreigns, eh?

I’ve been catching up with my comics, inspired by fishing battered graphic novels out of behind the shelves in that section at work. I thought comicbook nerds respected their precious things but I must be mistooken. Bah!
X-Factor is in fact the best current Marvel mutant book. Oh yes it is.

I forgot to mention a certain person getting an award. Do I mean me or do I mean her?
Helen Mirren award
Or do I mean both? At least French and Saunders will be pleased.

My bus journey today was made bearable by a certain New Zealandy band and their adventures on BBC Radio audio CD. Coming next week: a TV show on BBC Four:

I bet everyone’s sick of the trailers now. Not me.

Oh yeah, the Dave thing?

UKG2, which was UK GOld 2 if I am not mistooken, is coming to Freeview (so chavs like me can watch it) and being rebranded as ‘Dave.’ I am not making this up. Look!
October 15th if anybody cares. More new old comedy.

Moment Of The Day: Explaining the ‘buy one get one half price’ offer to a confused woman who thought buying only one item would lead to a single half price purchase. She happily wandered off to choose a second book, returned to the till and then got bewildered when told the combined price. “I thought it was buy one get one free!” she uttered, before going off to torment another shopkeeper.